Monday, 4 May 2015

Hair Journey: Cutting, Colouring and Growing my Hair

I had long hair forever, (bottom left) well not forever because I clearly got it cut, but I had long hair from childhood until I was 22. I'd had it blonde, brown, red, black, fringe, no fringe, side fringe, and I got bored. I kept tying it up in a way that made it look short and I liked it.
I've never been afraid of haircuts, you know them women who sob on TV when they change their hair? I'm not like that. I was getting it cut but my family were dead against it, so much so that my Mum called my hairdresser and told her that she wasn't allowed to take scissors to my hair; my Mum can be pretty scary so my hairdresser didn't want to cut it. On the day of my hair appointment I did what any child who wanted their own way would do, and I lied. I told her that my Mum was fine with it and to start chopping. The top left is what I went home with, it was an inverted bob and I loved it. It was chopped in at the nape of my neck and longer at the sides.
After a few months, I got bored of that too, so had my hair dyed bright red, shortened and shaved on one side; I'm still convinced I started the undercut trend. I had the left side shaved on a number three and messed the rest of it up. I kept that style for a quite a while but changed the colour every six weeks, deeper red, dark purple, bright pink, bright red...and then thought, fuck it, let's do orange. My hair was cut even shorter, with lots of layers and my Mum despised the orange. I was embracing my love for all things alternative and I bloody loved it but the maintenance was difficult, I thought red was a struggle. Red again, red, red, red. I love red.
Obviously, I got bored of short hair...are you seeing a pattern? So, last year, January 2014, was the last time I had my hair cut and despite everyone telling me to get extensions, I played the waiting game and began growing my hair out. I'm still growing it but it's at a length now that I really like and can actually do things with other than tying it into the tiniest ponytail. So many times I went to the hairdressers and I almost picked up the trimmer and cut it myself; the amount I complained to my poor boyfriend about how I hated my hair and looked a mess, but it was worth it. Oh, and now I'm a brunette.

My hair must be in shit condition, I hear you say...! Alas, my hair is so healthy and shiny, people always comment on how nice my hair is, (they really do, I love all my fans). I don't do anything special to it, I used L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner for a really long time and sporadically OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, but recently I switch up my shampoo as often as I do my make up.

I have noticed that because I'm used to messy short hair that stays put with a little bit of clay, I like the messy longer haired look but I can't quite achieve, I am testing out some drugstore volumising hair products and shall be updating soon.

Have you ever done anything drastic to your hair?

Sarah x


  1. I don't have issues with short hair but I never had my hair styled as short as those. I have round face so I think it would look awkward on me.

    Anyway, I think your new hair looks better on your. It looks smart.

    I hope you'll get this comment now. :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm loving having longer hair! x

  2. Great post. I did one myself not too long ago on hair color history!

    For volume, definitely check out the Got2Be Volumizing Powder (
    And the Beyond The Zone Thick Enuff Thickening Spray (

    Both work wonders for flat hair!

    1. Thank you, I'll check yours out.
      Excellent, I'll have a look for them. I've just ordered BedHead Queen for a Day thickening spray so hopefully that helps! x

  3. I wish I was adventurous as you! I've kept my hair super long and haven't ever gone wild with changing the colour, but I'm so tempted to get my hair cut into a long bob. Your hair looks stunning as it is now, so chic and sophisticated! :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    1. Aww, thank you :) I keep lusting over everyone's short hair but I'm determined not to cut it again lol x

  4. I wish short hair suited me more because I didnt have to actually brush it and all that malarkey when it was short :) My hair is in surprisingly good condition too even though I dye the shit out of it. Must be secretly good for it
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Exactly, that's why I loved it short, less hassle. I'm starting to like it longer though, just more effort lol. Ahhh, the faulty collagen thing may not apply to our hair haha! x


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