Friday, 25 September 2015

Adult Colouring Books

* Disclaimer - This post is picture heavy *

Adult colouring books have become a craze over the last year or so which pleases me. I've always found colouring really therapeutic and relaxing but was sick of colouring in houses and teddy bears. Each time I'd have a hospital stay (and it's been a lot - #ChronicLife), I'd ask my Mum to buy me a colouring book and some pencils to keep me occupied on the long, tedious days.

Now, with the influx of 'calming colouring books' I can get creative with some designs that aren't aimed at children. There are so many different books available and I have quite a few that are all very different. Most of adult colouring books have perforated pages so they can be easily removed and framed/hung up for decorative purposes.

Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland | £3.99 | Link |

Wonderful World - Fabulous Patterns to Colour | £3.80 | Link |

My main problem with colouring, writing, holding a pen, is it really hurts. Unfortunately my condition affects everywhere so my hands and wrists become very sore after a few minutes - I'll no doubt have these colouring books until I'm ninety. However, I initially began on my colouring adventure using colouring pencils and I kept having to swap my pen grips and break every few seconds - it wasn't calming, it kind of annoyed me and I didn't want to keep it up. Last week I invested in some Staedtler fibre tip pens and they are amazing. I've noticed that I'm not pressing so harshly on the page as I was with the pencils and still getting the colour pay-off that I want, I can colour for longer and I'm really enjoying it. If you have issues with your hands and fancy a colouring quest, I highly recommend felt pens.

Unicorns are Jerks | £4.44 | Link |

Indian Summer | £3.95 | Link |

Day of the Dead | £5.59 | Link |

The calming/stress relieving properties to colouring is real, once I switched to felt pens I've become a daily colourer...My name is Sarah and I'm addicted to colouring books. I completely switch off and concentrate on the design and complementing shades. Supposedly there's been a 300% increase in colouring book sales (no, I didn't buy them all) so they must be beneficial.

My favourite has to be The Day of the Dead book; it has skulls, I love them.

Have you joined the colouring craze?


  1. I have indeed. I was kindly sent a colouring book in a bear hugs box. I really like it! Like you, I need to pace myself with it or else I can get sore wrists. But it's so calming and makes you feel productive when you otherwise wouldn't be capable of doing much


    1. Exactly, it's such a good way of actually 'doing' something. I love it x

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