Monday, 14 December 2015

Three Month Follow-Up: Stanmore Pain Management and Rehabilitation Programme

If you pop by here often, you'll know that in August I spent three weeks in Stanmore hospital undertaking their incredible pain management programme. Last week I went back for my three month follow-up; my actual follow-up was supposed to be in November but I couldn't make it as I went home for my nephews birthday, so I guess you could say it was my four month follow-up.

The week before my appointment I was sent out quite a few questionnaires on how the pain was, how I felt physically and emotionally, whether things were any better etc. On the day of my appointment, I wasn't feeling great, I'd popped my hip the night before and really wasn't looking forward to the drive down the M1. But hey ho, these things happen.

My boyfriend and I arrived early and as much as I really wanted to walk into the ward on my crutches, showing off how far I'd come, the pain was too much and we'd parked quite a distance away so there was absolutely no way that was happening. I didn't feel defeated about using my wheelchair like I would have a while back, I was pacing, this was a good thing. 

I was greeted by the nurses who cared for me during my three week stay and received hugs from a few of my favourites (we all had favourite nurses, it's the way it goes). I then waited in the conservatory with a few other patients that had been on the programme a few weeks after me. We had a half hour recap of things we learnt during our time there; I'd not forgotten anything! When the talk was over, we were each called out by another member of staff for a one-to-one. I was one of the last to be called and was so happy to see my OT, Sally; I did a happy dance in my wheelchair because I really wanted to tell her about my progress.

My one-to-one with Sally lasted over an hour; she went through my questionnaires, asked me questions, let me talk for ages about everything I'd been up to, and was genuinely really pleased with me. It felt amazing, I felt like I'd accomplished so much in the four months since the programme ended. 

I then made my goals for my one year follow-up; these included, socialising more, writing my novel, carrying on with physio, helping my boyfriend and fundraising. It was such a great appointment, I wish all my hospital appointments were that rewarding and encouraging. 

I'm really pleased with how I've been since finishing the programme. I'm not better, I'm not cured but I do things differently and I put my health first, and by doing so, my days are much more fulfilling.

Forever grateful to Stanmore and the amazing therapists that I worked with.


  1. I'm so happy to read that the programme has really helped you and what you have learned will continue to help you moving forwards. Well done you!


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