Friday, 8 January 2016

10 Reasons Why January Birthdays Suck

I no longer mind that my birthday is in January, I'm quite happy to stay at home and order a takeaway or go for a meal with my boyfriend. I don't do nights out getting hammered, but back in my youth (I'm totally not turning 75, don't worry) there was a lot of things that wound me up about having a birthday in January.

1. Everyone is skint
It's right after Christmas and New Year so nobody has any money to go out to celebrate.

2. They don't stay out
If they do come out, they go home early because it's too cold, they're running low on money, they're on dry-January.

3. The weather
It's either freezing, snowing or raining, nobody wants to leave the warmth of their sofa. 
As a kid you'll never have a party with a bouncy castle in your garden.

4. Diets
You can't even have a pizza party

5. They forget
You get birthday cards/presents late because they're all skint after the holidays.

6. You receive re-gifted presents
People will give you the crappy presents they didn't want for Christmas.

7. You get two-in-one presents
'This is your birthday and Christmas present'. Don't think so, love.

8. Got the January blues
Everyone is knackered after a hectic December and just can't be bothered. Can you blame them?

9. Timing
You feel like your birthday is an inconvenience to everyone else because it's straight after the holidays.

10. No more presents
You have to wait eleven months for more presents; why can't your birthday be in June?

If you fancy sending me loads of presents to make me feel better, they'll be greatly appreciated ;)


  1. Hahaha, I feel you on this one! Although I don't mind so much now. It just sucks because its not like change your birthday every year, they should know when it is, & save! A plus side is, that can still get some good stuff in the sales with your birthday ££ :)


    1. Me too, not so bothered anymore. Another plus is to save up all the money from Christmas and birthday and go on a spree! x

  2. I totally agree with this post! My birthday is on the 3rd of January and literally everyone would not come out as they were skint after Christmas haha! Such a great post!

    Elizabeth -

    1. Bless you. Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  3. I love this!
    My Birthday is actually in February and these all apply to me also.
    Although Pizza shall be eaten where ever whenever lol.
    I am inbetween being a birthday person and not a massive Birthday person so it depends on my mood every year.However every so often I am like wooohooo and then I realise that everyone is still skint or we are only just recovering from Christmas and the New year and its like meh.
    Ms Wednesdays girl xoxo

    1. Yay for pizza lol. I'm all or nothing with my birthday too, wasn't really bothered this year, must be the age haha. Have a great birthday x


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