Friday, 25 March 2016

Prints for Gallery Walls

For ages now I've scrolled through Pinterest looking at variations of cute gallery walls; quotes, skulls, random prints. And then on Etsy; I think I have a slight addiction. Anyway, when we got the keys to our bungalow, I instantly envisioned my epic living room gallery wall and couldn't wait to get it up.

There's been a slight delay hanging the prints because we only recently realised that all our walls are brick. Luckily Ian is good with his hands (behave), and got a drill, along with other DIY bits and bobs to make my gallery wall dreams come true. 

Above the sofa in our living room we have this gorgeous wall filled with awesome prints. 

Poster of Watercolour Art Arrows Bright | £7.75 | Zazzle |

Pink Skull Print | £12.50 | Prints of Heart |

'Not All Who Wander Are Lost' Poster | £7.90 | Zazzle |

Lovely Floral Dream Heart Print | £7.10 | Zazzle |

F Scott Fitzgerald Quote | £6.50 | Abbie Imagine |

Sherlock 221B Baker Street Print | £6.50 | Abbie Imagine |

'So Many Books So Little Time' Quote | £6.50 | Abbie Imagine |

Northern Lights Print | £12.50 | Prints of Heart |

These are above the TV in the living room. The Charlotte Bronte quote was from an Etsy shop that no longer exists, and 'Let's Go' is a postcard from Paperchase. 

Eat. Sleep. Blog. Poster | £9.55 | Zazzle |

Gold Skull Poster | £6.90 | Zazzle |

Lipstick Print | £7.25 | Zazzle

Sleeping Beauty Wall Art | £6.50 | Abbie Imagine |

XOXO Gold Foil Print | £11 | Dottie Rocks |

I am so obsessed with Abbie Imagine, Prints of Heart, Dottie Rocks and Zazzle for prints.

Abbie Imagine has some fab literary, Disney and typography quotes, with a Buy 2 Get 1 Free discount on at the moment. There's everything from Harry Potter to Peter Pan - you simply can't miss out on it. Not only that but Abbie is a sweetheart and I absolutely adore her Etsy store. I want everything.

Prints of Heart sells an array of prints, cards and gifts, with downloadable prints available. There's a wide variety of prints, and definitely something for everyone. I highly suggest you check it out, tell the lovely Lisa that I sent you.

Karen at Dottie Rocks' Etsy store is a bloggers dream. So many gold foil prints, cute pencils and stationery. If you're searching for some gorgeous foiled prints, you need to pop on over immediately, you won't be disappointed. 

I love, love, love Zazzle, I could spend days browsing through all the prettiness and most probably empty my bank account.

Go fourth and make your own gallery wall, my friends.
* Disclaimer: I was sent some of these items free of charge in exchange for advertisement. I received no payment for this post and all opinions are 100% my own


  1. Ahh wowzers I love what you've done with all these designs Sarah! So happy to be involved & I'm now determined to sort out mine!


  2. I LOVE these! I've been looking for things to decorate my apartment once I finally decide on one. Definitely love these photos.

    xo, Kimberly

  3. These are great! I wish my walls looked this awesome x

    Liz ~

  4. I've been wanting to make a gallery wall for ages, I'll definitely be checking out some of these shops! :) xxx

    Sarah / <a href=">Sarah Smiles</a>

  5. I really really like the watercolour arrows print! I love watercolour art, and that print is just so bright & pretty :)

  6. I love this post! I've got a feature/gallery wall in my lounge and in my home office too and I just love the edge they give to a room! Love the Eat, Sleep Blog print and the Sherlock door! Might need to get one of each for myself! xx


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