Friday, 24 June 2016

Medication Made Me Say It

I've said quite a few hilarious things when I've been slightly off my face on prescription drugs. This is completely different to my Brain Fog series, because brain fog happens on the daily, and here I'll be sharing silly things I've said/done when I've taken really strong medication and the effects it has on my thoughts.

  • When I was thirteen and had an operation on my hip, I told my Nan that if she wasn't there when I woke up, I would never speak to her again. My surgery took longer than expected and I was in recovery for a while, so ended back on the ward around 2 am; my amazing Nan although disabled and knackered herself, waited until I returned and saw her before going home.

  •  After that same operation, I woke up screaming that I'd died because I'd bled through my stitches and my bed-sheet and nightie had soaked up all the blood. All I could see was bright red blood and I was convinced that I was dead. I was hysterical.

  • My Mum used to have a picture in the living room of a jetty leading to a lake; I accidentally took too many prescription drugs as I couldn't remember whether I'd had them or not, and sat staring at the picture for an hour thinking I was waiting to go swimming. I was so out of touch with reality, and couldn't take my eyes off the image.

  • I had a knee operation three years ago; I went home the same day and was drugged up to the eyeballs, I went straight to bed and was convinced that there was a dragon climbing up my wardrobe. My boyfriend said I was pointing at the wardrobe telling him to 'look at it'. I can still see the black form scaling my wardrobe, it was bizarre.

  • Another thing I do pretty often is, what Ian calls 'a computer glitch'. I basically try to say something and get a word in the middle of the sentence wrong, so try and say the whole sentence again but get stuck and say the awkward word over and over again, like I've malfunctioned. Oops.

There's probably so many more that I either can't remember or was too off my face to recall. So yeah, I'm even more strange on meds.


  1. I have said some weird things when on oramorph! I remember waking up from an operation hystrecially crying and asking what had happened to Tom and if he was ok (of course he was ... I was the one having an operation)

    I also remember seeing all these ants walking in a perfect straight line up the curtain ...


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