Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Stationery Haul

I haven't done a haul post in ages, and over the last week I've gone a bit mad with stationery, so thought I'd share what I've bought...because who doesn't love stationery?
I did quite a bit of damage in Paperchase as I went twice in one week; once to Milton Keynes with Shona, and the second time to Nottingham when I spent the weekend with my best friend. 

Indigo Butterfly A5 Flexi Linen Notebook | £10 | Paperchase |

Get Away Shell A5 Casebound Notebook | £8 | Paperchase |

Rika Lace A6 Flexi Linen Notebook | £8 | Paperchase |

I can't resist postcards, they're just super cute and if I don't send them to friends, I frame them and put them up in my house.

Hello You Marble Postcard | 70p | Paperchase |

And So The Adventure Begins Postcard | 70p | Paperchase |

Be Awesome or Don't Bother Postcard | 70p | Paperchase |

Dream Floral Postcard | 70p | Paperchase |

And for the stickers...HOW CUTE ARE THEY?

Mystic Rose Stickers | £3 | Paperchase |

Flamingo Stickers | £1 | Paperchase |

Giraffe Stickers | £2 | Lethbridge Cards |

Fluorescent Star Stickers | 63p | Sostrene Grene |

Fluorescent Heart Stickers | 63p | Sostrene Grene |

I think I have enough stationery to last me until I'm 50, however, I'll probably buy more next week.

Anyone else a fellow stationery addict?


  1. "I did quite a bit of damage in Paperchase..." - I don't know why I found this sentence so funny but it really ticked me! Preaching to the choir sister, I can't walk past a Paperchase without being sucked in and having my wallet expunged!

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

  2. I love postcards too I have so many that I need to frame. Great haul lovely!

    Ella xx

  3. I love stickers, but i never use them in case i wont be able to buy them again =]


  4. Paperchase is most definitely one of my all time favourite shops, and I'm gutted there aren't any in Australia - when I return to England for a month I'm sure I'll make a visit or two to one :) but I absolutely love EVERYTHING that you bought <3 it's so pretty and beautiful and I wouldn't have the heart to use any of it or ruin it, haha! I've got so many notebooks at home that are just laying around cause I think they're too nice to use :p


    1. Thank you. I have so many notebooks that I won't use either haha x

  5. These are so lovely! I feel a trip to Paperchase coming on for myself now.

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

  6. I love stationary! Reading this has made me now need to buy more *opens paperchase website* ;)

    I really like the Rika Lace Linen notebook, it's gorgeous :) I'm a little addicted to buying postcards! I buy some literally everytime I go out shopping. My favourite postcard from your haul is the 'and so the adventure begins' one :) also, those giraffe stickers are so so cute!


  7. Such a lovely haul and post. Adore the style of your blog - keep it up! x


  8. I love everything in this post, I just wanna run down to paperchase and shop!

    Rachael | Simplyrayy.blogspot.co.uk


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