Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette Review

I can't pass up a Stila product, and I certainly can't pass up a gorgeous palette - so it was obvious that I was going to add this to my collection. I didn't order it as soon as it was released because I was on the dreaded no-buy (not that it usually stops me, but I was trying to behave), but luckily for me, a few weekends ago Stila did a 20% off sale, and there was no way that I wasn't taking advantage of that!

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette - Fair/Light | £28 | Stila |

I went for the Fair/Light palette since I'm ghostly pale (and rocking it) but it comes in four options depending on your skin tone; Light/Medium, Medium/Tan, and Tan/Deep. The palettes are only recommendations, so if you're Light/Medium and prefer the Medium/Tan palette, go for it. Stila even advises that if you want a more dramatic or evening appropriate look to choose the palette that's darker than your skin tone. I chose Fair/Light because I loved the colours of the blush and thought they'd complement my porcelain skin beautifully. But if you're darker than me, do go check out the other palettes.

I'm not going to lie, when I first opened the parcel with my palette in, I was a little disappointed as it's really small. I'd only seen it online and expected it to be much bigger, and for me the price didn't really correlate with the size of the palette. I have quite a few Stila palettes, eyeshadows, lip and cheek etc, and this is more compact than them all and a similar price. However, I wasn't too bothered since I got it in the sale; I think I'd have been slightly peeved if I'd have paid full-price. 

Albeit, the size of the shadows and blushers are really good, and the mirror on the inside large enough to do your makeup in. I quickly changed my mind on the dimensions of the palette when I realised how perfect it would be for travelling. Not that I travel anywhere, but if I did - perfect.

Inside the palette are two large blushers, and five eyeshadows - four mattes and one shimmer. I feel like there is enough colours to give a few different eye looks; and pinks and purples are always very flattering on pale skin. The champagne shimmer shade - Passionate, is absolutely beautiful all over the lid, it has a gorgeous sparkle and is very reflective. All the shadows are really easy to blend and nicely pigmented; especially the chocolate brown - Glamorous, very opaque. The blushers are beautiful and extremely pigmented, I barely tap my brush into them and it picks up enough colour to give a flush of pink to the cheeks. I've also used the blushers as shadows to give something extra to the eyes. 

After my initial 'oh, shit this is tiny' moment, I fell in love with this palette. It's very handbag and travel friendly; the colours are very complementary, and great quality. Shock, horror, another Stila product I bow down to.

Have you tried this palette?


  1. Ah this looks so lovely! Like you said the size would be great for travelling with! x

  2. oh my goodness this is such a beautiful palette! I'm in absolute love! I just took a look online, and can see why Stila says to go for the palette a bit darker, but I rekcon if you are really fair skinned, like you said, the fair/light palette is gorgeous! Although it may be tiny at least it's travel friendly (you know if you do go somewhere) like you said haha!xx


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