Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Make Up Forever HD Foundation and Concealer

When Make Up For Ever launched in Debenhams last year I made an online order (shocking, Sarah buying makeup) as I was stupidly excited. As a ghostly pale gal I won't buy foundation online. The lightest in the range is usually too dark, too yellow, or both, but I'd heard good things about MUFE's colour range. However, I still wanted to have a swatch so I didn't waste thirty quid. 

Last month, or was it the month before, who knows? I had a hospital appointment in central London and had already decided that afterwards I'd be checking out the Make Up For Ever counter in the Debenhams on Oxford Street. First off, let me thank the two fabulous assistants who helped me out and shared my love of all things beauty. So, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation - Y205 | £29 | Debenhams |

I'd heard some amazing things about this foundation so was really eager to get it. It's a water-based foundation with a massive shade range, and is said to be suitable for all skin types. It gives a very flattering, natural, satin finish and although marketed for all skin, I do notice it clings very slightly do any dry patches. If I haven't exfoliated the night before/day of using Ultra HD, it's not my favourite. However, if my skin is free from dryness it's absolutely beautiful. 

The foundation is a very thin consistency but gives a medium coverage. I tend to use two pumps for a fuller coverage, and use a flat-top kabuki to buff it into my skin. It blends out effortlessly and wears really well throughout the day. Since the weather has been ridiculously warm lately, (why are you playing me like this England?) this foundation has held up amazingly; I've obviously had to powder because it's been boiling but it's not slipped off my face. 

All in all, I'm a fan of MUFE Ultra HD Foundation. I wouldn't say it's my favourite but it's certainly up there, especially when my skin is in good condition.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer - Y21 | £20 | Debenhams |

Can we all just bow down because I've finally found a concealer that actually highlights my porcelain skin? Not only that but the coverage is absolutely insane and I can't stop using it. I'm obsessed with Urban Decay Naked concealer but this MUFE one has totally kicked that to the curb. 

It's a really thin formula that offers the fullest of full coverage. I apply this concealer under my eyes, and my dark circles are horrendous - I'm not even exaggerating, they're awful, but this product makes me look like I've actually slept the night before. It also has a radiance booster to help refresh the under eye area and you really can notice a huge difference. I set my concealer almost immediately after applying it so it has no chance to settle into my fine lines (I'm almost 30, guys boohoo). I apply it with my finger and blend it out with my finger or Real Techniques sponge. I also apply the concealer down the centre of my nose and centre of my chin so add dimension to my face. It wears really well throughout the day and covers up anything you want to hide.

If you want a full coverage, amazing concealer - you need to check this out. I absolutely love it.
Have you tried any Make Up For Ever products?


  1. You have literally just made me NEED to purchase the concealer. I wasn't the biggest fan of the foundation but I do love the MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation. I am quite pale and find it hard to get a concealer to highlight as well as covering my extremely dark circles!

    I will be off to buy this now!

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