Monday, 14 November 2016

Enamel Pin Collection featuring Punky Pins and Veronica Dearly

I've always been a lover of badges; I used to cover my bag in mildly offensive pins during my teens, and spend ages raiding the badge tub in Quiggins (alternative shop in Liverpool) whenever I went shopping. My jackets, coats, bags, were all stamped with a pin, but they were nowhere near as amazing as my collection now.

When I found Punky Pins on Twitter, I almost immediately headed to their website and placed an order. Luckily, I heard about them during the time they had a Halloween discount code live, so I quickly added that baby to my order!

This is my current enamel pin collection. I had to reorder the ghost because when it arrived my boyfriend was jealous and wanted one too. So now we're the losers that have matching badges...but who cares?

Nobody Cares - Enamel Pin | £6 | Punky Pins |

Normal People Scare Me - Enamel Pin | £6 | Punky Pins |

We Are the Weirdos, Mister - Enamel Pin | £6 | Punky Pins |

'Normal People Scare Me' is a quote from one of my favourite tv shows, American Horror Story, so naturally I had to have that, and 'We Are the Weirdos, Mister', from The Craft. I love these three because they're black (duh, fave colour to wear), and sassy. 

Pyjamas for Life - Enamel Pin | £7.50 | Veronica Dearly |

Don't Be A Dick | £6 | Veronica Dearly |

As a spoonie I spend more of my time in pyjamas than clothes. I always find it hilarious when I see people tweet, 'I'm in my pjs and it's only 4pm', when I've been in my pjs for three days! This badge was made for me, I love it. And everyone who isn't a dick needs a 'Don't Be A Dick' badge. There's a blue prefect-like alternative that I need to get for my boyfriend as he's always saying it.

This order arrived really quickly and the pins are extremely well-made. The cardboard the badges come on is really strong and you can tell a lot of thought went into packaging. Veronica Dearly offers free shipping on orders over £5, and has a wide range of items available on her site. Go now and check it out!

Pastel Rainbow - Enamel Pin | £6  | Punky Pins |

Beat it Creep - Enamel Pin | £6 | Punky Pins |

Alice 'Drink Me' - Enamel Pin | £6 | Punky Pins |

Glow in the Dark Ghost - Enamel Pin | £7 | Punky Pins |

Mermaid Shell - Enamel Pin | £6  | Punky Pins |

I picked most of these because I liked the colours, thought they were cute and just wanted them. As soon as I saw the 'Drink Me' pin, it had to be mine; I couldn't have a blog dedicated to Wonderland and not get an Alice badge, could I? 

My Punky Pins orders came very quickly, (I actually ordered both Punky Pins and Veronica Dearly badges on the same night and they arrived together two days later) and shipping is free in the UK with orders over £15. The pins are packaged really well and are great quality. 

I'm totally loving my enamel pin collection and I can assure you it'll grow. 

Do you have any pins from either of these brands?


  1. OMG STOP. I LOVE THEM ALL! My favourite has to be the ghost pin and the she believed she could print! So relatable haha. Totally checking this brand out now :) P.s. Such a good idea putting them in a frame!!

    Tania | teabee x

  2. I Love this! My daughter is a mini spoonie so I know she'll love the pins! I will have to check it out for her and I.
    Great stuff! 💜

  3. Such awesome pin badges! I also collect them, I need to get around to blogging about my collection :D I have wanted some of the Veronica Dearly pins especially for ages now! *reads your post & checks bank account* :D The PJs for Life one is my favourite! It's definitely a badge for us spoonies :)

    Also, that ghost pin is so bloody adorable! I'm not surprised that your boyfriend wanted one too. How cute that you now have matching pins though! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    1. Isn't it? Absolutely perfect for spoonies!

      Haha yeh, we're adorable x

  4. These look so cute, great post!



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