Monday, 23 January 2017

What I Got for My 30th Birthday

If you missed it, I turned 30 almost two weeks ago and despite not being over the moon about ticking a higher age range on questionnaires, I don't feel any different. I had a really lovely birthday - I celebrated it on the actual day (Thursday) with my boyfriend, and then my family came to visit that weekend. They were supposed to arrive on Saturday morning but late afternoon on Friday there was a knock on my door and my Mum, Pops and nephew showed up early to surprise me. I was close to tears as I was over the moon to have them stay for longer; I hadn't seen them since the beginning of November.

Saturday I entertained Kaine and took him to the park before we had to get ready to go out for my main birthday meal. Ian's family came, and it was a really nice evening.

So, this is what I got for my birthday; along with gigantic balloons from my parents, a shit load of money and a huge chocolate cake.

My best friend and I buzz off Kim Kardashian and he got me her book - Selfish, unicorn and heart stickers, a flamingo makeup bag and glass, a Little Miss Princess mug, a candle, money and a photo album he filled with hilariously embarrassing pictures of us. He also provided all the confetti; he even filled my card with it because he's a bitch!

Mum always buys me a perfume from my nephew and this year I got Jo Malone - Wood Sage and Sea Salt, which is absolutely incredible. And I got his nursery picture which is now in a frame sitting on my bookshelf. He's such a little angel, and he was so thrilled giving me my bag of goodies.

From Ian's family I received Boots vouchers (I bloody love vouchers because then I can get something I really want), and his sister included that beautiful rose notebook and Parker pen.

Natalie sent me a gigantic box on the day of my birthday that had a huge balloon and a pizza box of chocolate. Let me tell you, that chocolate was bloody delicious!

I also got a cute Alice notebook from Elle, and a spoon necklace from Amanda.

My brother is buying me my present when I move, and he's getting me my dream vanity desk and Hollywood mirror. When he told me he'd get it for me I freaked out. It's going to totally be makeup storage goals.

As weird as it sounds, I think my favourite present is the photo of my nephew - he's my little sunshine and although I have hundreds (who am I kidding, I probably have thousands) of pictures of him, I haven't printed any in a while, so it's nice to have his face in my living room.

I'm so grateful to everyone that got me a present or took a minute out of their day to wish me happy birthday. Thank you so much!

Here's to 30 more. Oh god.


  1. KP is such a handsome little man! I love all of your presents, I didn't realise how gorgeous the Alice book I got you was and now I wanna get myself one haha xx

  2. Awww, this is such a lovely haul and I'm glad to hear you had a good birthday - the huge chocolate cake sounded so good! I love the Alice notebook you got, that's so lovely, and the fact you got a gift from your Nephew along with his new nursery photo is lovely too. My Niece always sends me cards with little messages in and they're often my favourite things on my birthday, so I definitely get why it was your favourite gift, they're precious. Glad you had such a lovely day! - Tasha

    1. Ahhh thank you. That's so cute of your niece x

  3. Such a great hall! I love all of your presents, sounds like you had a great birthday :)
    I've nominated you for the blogger recognition award :)

  4. You got some fab bits! That's a lovely gift from your brother, I finally got a vanity a few months ago and I don't know how I ever lived without it!


  5. Happy late birthday! I've been curious about Kim K.'s book! You'll have to share how it is!


    1. Thank you. There's not much to share, it's just selfies x

  6. Really? Maybe I m thinking of a different book? Haha


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