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Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection Review

I'm a massive fan of Lee Stafford and if a product claims to give me beachy, big hair, I'm 100% up for giving that a go. I've been using the CoCo LoCo collection for about a year, and still really love that but like switching things up and trying out new products...I am a blogger after all. Oh, if you fancy seeing my review of the dreamy CoCo LoCo stuff, click here.

I wash my hair every 5-7 days because, 1. I'm lazy. 2. When you have a chronic illness it's hella effort. And 3. It's meant to be better for your hair to not wash it often. So, in reality, I'm doing my hair a favour. I have long (so I'm told, I've been growing it for three years and still see it nowhere near as long as I want to), thick hair that is mostly straight with the odd wave. It's dyed, in good condition and people always comment on how shiny it is. All in all, I have no problems, it's just too bloody heavy.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Shampoo* | £9.99 | Boots |

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Foam Conditioner* | £7.99 | Boots |

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Styling Mist* | £9.99 | Boots |

I was very intrigued upon opening the parcel as none of the items looked like the usual packaging for shampoo and conditioner. The big round tub was shampoo and I had no idea what I was going to do with that, I'm used to hair masks coming in that kind of container.

The shampoo is a volumising formula that is enriched with sea salt crystals which exfoliate the scalp and purify pores. It also has seaweed and algae that cleanses the hair. All these ingredients help to add volume and give big, beachy texture.

You simply take a dollop of product apply it to wet hair and massage. The sea salt crystals are tangible and feel quite strange at first but they disappear and form a slight lather. There's a very subtle, tropical island scent that I really like. When I first used the shampoo, upon washing it out my hair felt very dry, as if I'd been in the ocean and it'd been stripped of any moisture. It wasn't unpleasant, it was just noticeable, and it didn't happen the next time I washed my hair. And I always follow up with a conditioner so didn't mind it anyway.

Downsides to the pot for me specifically are I find opening and closing jars extremely difficult, my disability means my hands don't work that well, and that on top of being wet is a nuisance. The salt crystals also get stuck along the rim of the screw lid and it can be tricky to take off/put on the cap.

Like, the shampoo, the Sea Salt Foam Conditioner is such a strange texture. Think sea foam or extremely light mousse. When spraying it into my hands I thought it was going to do nothing for my hair, it felt completely weightless and didn't seem to drench my hair like other conditioners. But it's just as good. I pump three pumps into the palm of my hands and put the product from the mid to end of my hair. It feels like you've added no product but once it's rinsed off, the hair is super silky, mermaid hair. It's so glossy, and shiny - Ariel, eat your heart out.

The Styling Mist can be used on wet or dry hair to condition and control whilst adding texture and taming flyaways. I can't say that I've noticed a huge difference when I've used the Styling Mist on wet hair, but when it's dry, it's great for adding an extra boost of volume and controlling any baby hairs.

The volume the Sea Salt Shampoo and Conditioner give to my hair is amazing. It's so big and bouncy, it also adds a natural beach wave to my hair that I love. Not only that but my hair dries so much faster, I feel like it cuts blow-drying down so much and I'm all for that. My hair also stays looking fresh for at least five days; if you're trying to train your hair to last longer between washes, I think this would be a great product to do this.

Despite the issues I have with the shampoo packaging, I'd repurchase it because it's just so damn good. And if your hands aren't shitty like mine, you'll be absolutely fine. Boots currently have 3 for £15 on Lee Stafford products, I highly recommend you check it out.

Have you tried the Lee Stafford Sea Salt collection?

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. All views are 100% honest and unbiased.

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