Monday, 14 August 2017

Getting Cosy: A Wish List

It will come as no surprise to you that my all time favourite thing to do is lounge around in my pyjamas with a blanket, chocolate and catching up with Netflix. And since those three minutes of warm weather have sodded off (praise a deity), I've pulled out my blankets and am very much ready for the chill of autumn.

As soon as there's even the slightly nip of cold in the air, I'm freezing. I can't regulate my temperature well and getting cold in my joints is absolute agony, so I try to stay as wrapped up as possible. And believe it or not, despite the frost causing havoc with my chronic illnesses, I much prefer it to being hot.

So, I thought I'd put together a list of absolute must-haves to stay warm and snuggly over the next few months. There's three bedding sets because I love a duvet cover, and what's better than getting into bed after a long, freezing cold day, pulling the blanket right up over your head and settling in for the night?

Elements Colour Block Duvet | £18-£32 | Dunelm |

Skandi Brights Duvet | £12-£22 | Dunelm |

Vibrant Floral Supersoft Blanket | £4 | Primark |

Sugar Skull Duvet | £12-£16 | Asda |

Bear Hooded Dressing Gown | £20 | Asda |

Suede Mules | £20 | Next |

Blackberry & Bay Candle | £44 | Jo Malone |

Warmies Cosy Plush Sitting Husky Dog Microwavable Toy | £14.95 | Heat Treats |

Warmies Spa Therapy Microwavable Eye Mask | £12.95 | Heat Treats |

Elle Chunky Fair Isle Moccasin Grip Socks | £9.99 | Sock Shop |

If you live near a Primark I highly recommend going to their home section as they have loads of blankets in various sizes, colours and patterns that are extremely affordable. But beware, you may want them all.

What would be on your cosy wish list?


  1. Such a cute blog post and blog! I love getting cosy around autumn too, and Primark do the best throws. I think fairy lights make everything more relaxing too along with a good book. The items you picked are really stylish too, I love the general colour palette. :-) Xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Those slippers look so cosy! This wishlist is making me excited for cold autumn nights cosied up indoors with a book and a mug of tea

  3. Lovely wishlist! I need to get myself a pair of those chunky socks :) They look super cosy! I really like fair isle patterns too. Also, that microwavable husky is so adorable! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  4. These all look amazing! I really love the top duvet cover it's so pretty. I agree with you though as soon as it gets colder I'm all for blankets and being comfy. Primark is amazing for these bits too, as well as IKEA x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  5. I do love a good Primark blanket, i'm definitely heading into town to pick up a few on payday! The bear hooded dressing gown is so cute, might even treat myself to that aswell ;)


  6. This is a lovely post, it's making me really excited for Autumn 😊 Everything looks so cosy. Also the Husky is so adorable!

    Jess xx

  7. I've never heard of Heat Treats before, and now I want everything on their site! So many spoonie goodies on there �� I can't wait for autumn x

  8. I can't believe the blanket is only £4 from Primark?! I thought it was going to be from Joules or something, it's gorgeous xx


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