Thursday, 15 February 2018

Benefit BADgal Bang! Mascara Review

The Benefit BADgal Bang! mascara landed on my doorstep the day it released and I must admit, I had no idea it had been launched as I've not been spending a lot of time online lately...No, I don't know who I am either. However, there was a huge unveiling, some of the gigantic beauty gurus went on a trip and there was controversy with the pics Benefit posted. 

BADgal Bang! is a relaunch of the BADgal lash; I didn't try the original so am unable to make a comparison but from the images I have seen, the wand is very different and the packaging most definitely has had a revamp.

I decided to apply this mascara for the first time on my Instagram Stories and give my first impressions on the product, and let me tell you, it wasn't great. If you fancy seeing that, check out my Beauty Highlights

Upon first (and second, I took it off and reapplied it with less layers) application I applied two layers and noticed my lashes sticking together and getting very clumpy and spidery looking. I didn't have my glasses on (obviously) so couldn't see just how bad, not BADgal they looked, so when I put them on I was shocked at the result. I added one final layer to see if I could separate the clumpiness at all but it just made it worse, and the product had hardened which didn't feel good at all. I quickly removed the mascara with micellar water on a cotton round, it came off really easily, and tried again. After one application I didn't feel like I was getting the desired effect, my lashes were black and looked longer but they weren't voluminous as advertised. Then I went in on the bottom lashes and it looked incredible. I had the bottom lashes of a doll and top lashes of a spiders legs.

However, I was determined to give it another go, and I'm glad I did.

Before I give my final verdict, let's get down to the other stuff. The packaging is a rubberised, matte black tube with a bullet-like lid nodding to the whole bad girl image of the mascara. The black, silver and pink is really eye-catching and I must admit, I am a huge fan of the 'out of this world', space theme it has going on. Plus, the colour palette is very me, so I can't complain on that side of things. 

As a disabled bad gal that suffers massively with her hands, I really like the size of the lid and the almost-ergonomic embossing, making the wand easy to hold, grip and open. That's definitely a plus in my book.

The wand is a thin, slimline plastic brush that I don't usually like as I feel like they don't coat all the lashes but this gets every one, including those tiny ones on the inner corner. And it's especially impressive on the lower lashes. 

The formula of Benefit's mascara is quite wet but is really light and 'contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology.' It is so black; I have never had a mascara that is as intensely black as BADgal Bang! with one swipe. It promises a wear of 36 hours but I'm afraid I won't sleep in my mascara to test it, sorry guys, you know I love you but I'm not about that life. It also states it creates 'MASSIVE volume' and I sort of agree. Ignoring my first impression, after I'd used it everyday for a week, I noticed the length and volume it added. It certainly wasn't 'massive' in my opinion but it definitely defined my eyes.

I used two different techniques of applying this mascara and found one that really worked and one that was atrocious, which was the way I used it during my first impression. The way that doesn't work for me, is keeping the eyes open and wiggling the wand up through the lashes as it just adds too much product and results in a clumpy mess. But when I blink onto the wand, it seems to be much more effective. It gives big, fluttery eyelashes with extended length and volume. I was fairly shocked to notice the difference in how I applied the mascara with the outcome as I have never experienced that with any other mascara.

BADgal Bang! doesn't flake off during the day, I don't find it smudges or transfers. It stays put throughout the day and doesn't fade. So, that's all major plus points.

The negatives for me are that you can't layer this product, I often like two layers of mascara but this becomes messy and clumpy; my lashes look as if they have been glued together and get so hard they feel like they've been hair sprayed. You also have to work extremely quickly as it dries down fast and then is difficult to work with. I got more length and volume the more layers I applied but then it turned spidery and thick, and the added effect certainly isn't worth the gluey look for me.

BADgal Bang! retails for £21.50 and it's an okay mascara. I really like it for the bottom lashes and am a huge fan of the packaging and design of the lid, however it won't replace some of my less expensive mascaras or my beloved Too Faced - Better Than Sex. If it could be layered and didn't get clumpy, my opinion would probably be very different but it's definitely not a product I would purchase. I will continue to use it and if I change my mind, I'll let you know, but like I said, it's alright, it's not amazing. If I was one for rating things it'd be a 6/10.

FYI I tried taking some pics of me wearing the mascara but my hooded lids were having none of it and it didn't show off what I wanted. So, do check out my Story if you fancy having a look.

Have you tried the BADgal Bang! mascara?
*Disclaimer: This product was a PR sample


  1. I love the packaging but I'm on the fence when it comes to the images I've seen online so far of the effect.
    A great honest opinion as always, Sarah!
    I'll be giving this one a try in store first I think.
    Gillian xx

  2. I was exactly the same, I really didn't get on with it at first, but I gave it a second chance and now I'm hooked. It's definitely not a mascara you can layer - but I love it all the same!
    Jen, velvet spring x

  3. interesting that the application can make such a difference to how the mascara looks! ive gotta be honest, the ONLY benefit mascara i've ever liked is the rollerlash one - all the others i've found too watery and clumpy!

    katie. xx

  4. I think it’s deffo gonna be an improver over time kind of mascara as it’s just too wet for my liking as I make a right mess xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. Aha I'm not exactly tidy with mine either x

  5. Such a good review, Sarah! I'm usually a huge fan of benefit mascaras but this one just isn't grabbing me. It seems too expensive for a mascara that's just 'ok'! X Sophie /

  6. I've heard some really mixed reviews on this mascara. Luckily, there's going to be a sample of it in my next Birchbox so I can try it without having to purchase it first!

  7. Such a great honest review lovely. I think the formula is too wet so a gets better with age type of product, but one I think I will still be giving a miss xxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

  8. I adore the packaging but I think I'll be giving this one a miss. I feel like nothing will ever replace smashbox full exposure
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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