Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Georgie Pupdate: One Year On

Brown and white cockapoo standing on field with tongue out

It's been a whole year since we picked George up from Lawford Doodles and brought him into our family and it's been the best.

I always wanted two dogs, and it took me five years to convince Ian to get Teddy so I really didn't think we'd end up having another furbaby join our family a year on. But I'm so glad we did because George is a babe, and almost the opposite to my little ginger nugget, Ted

I was genuinely worried I wouldn't bond with George or love him as much as I do Teddy, because Teddy is my world but G quickly banished those doubts and is everything to me. He's such a cheeky, adventuring, needy boy that I can't get enough of. And he has the most beautiful eyes.

Headshot of a brown and white cockapoo with tongue hanging out the side of his mouth

Whenever he's been playing, his tongue always ends up falling out of the side of his mouth and he reminds me of the hyena, Ed, from Lion King, he looks so silly and adorable. He's such a character. 

George is precious; he's a bundle of energy, loves to play and so confident. Being the younger brother, he picked up a lot of things really quickly from Ted, but he also taught Teddy to be brave. George oozes confidence; his very first night we brought him home, he took himself to bed and we didn't hear a thing from him until the next morning. When he's out on his walks, he's not bothered by any strange noises, and as much as we tried to acclimatise Teddy to strange noises, he sometimes gets nervous, but having G with him has helped with that. 

Close up of a brown cockapoo puppy lying on pavement

George is really easy to train and by nine weeks old had learnt so many commands. I tried to teach him as early as possible and he's always learning new things. His recall is incredible and he's amazing off the lead. He absolutely loves to jump so we've even taught him to jump on command. He's not the best at catching and he's quite clumsy but it all adds to the cuteness. And, I mean, look at him, he's so bloody cute!

He loves everyone, and every dog he meets; he's so friendly and gentle and just wants everyone to love him, which they usually do. 

Brown and white cockapoo sat on bed wearing red and white heart bow tie

George is a daddy's boy; Ian can't move without G following him, and if he goes out, Georgie sits on the sofa looking out of the window until he returns. He loves having a cuddle with me, though, so I don't mind that he's all for Ian. Plus, Ted is a mummy's boy so it's only fair.

George and Teddy get along really well. For all of George's energy, Ted loves to nap, but they still play a lot together every day and they walk side by side on their walks. George is a typical little brother and loves winding Ted up...much like my younger brother with me. 

We all love him loads and he's completed our little family unit. 

Year one with Georgie has been amazing. He's a babe.

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