Monday, 22 June 2015

Game of Thrones Season Five Finale

Season Five of one of my favourite telly shows ended last week and I was speechless. I don't get speechless often (much to my boyfriends disappointment), but my jaw was grazing the floor and I wasn't impressed.

I don't really know why I'm surprised by the demise of the beautiful Jon Snow as it's been a running theme that George RR Martin kills off everyone's favourite characters, but I really wasn't expecting Jon to die. I mean, how could he? WHY? Why did this happen? What will I do with my life? WHERE THE HELL WAS GHOST?

Jon was betrayed and stabbed by members of the Night's Watch after he sacrificed his men to save the Wildlings in an epic battle with the White Walkers in Episode Eight. When the first blade was plunged into Jon, I gasped and sat in silent horror; he lay dying in the snow and I was gutted, I couldn't believe it.

Me - I'm never watching this again. I hate it.
Bf - You will.
Me - I'm not. A world without Jon Snow is a world I don't want to live in. And I'm not being dramatic.

I'm hoping that Jon will return, I'll miss him too much if not. Perhaps he is a Warg, like his younger brother Bran and that's why Ghost didn't come to his rescue or maybe Melisandre will bring him back from the dead. Fingers crossed.

I'm obviously going to watch the next season but if Tyrion is killed off, shit will go down.
Surprisingly, I found myself feeling sorry for Cersei Lannister during the final episode, it was a strange experience as I loathe her character with a passion. Cersei confessed to adultery, had her hair cut off, stripped naked and made to walk barefoot through the streets of King's Landing being jeered at and having civilians spit and throw things at her. It was really difficult to watch and the scene was too long for comfort. I was relieved when she arrived at the palace because the humiliation and treatment of her was painful to watch.
Not only was I speechless during this episode, I was on edge; Sansa made her way to the tower but just as Brienne turned away from watching, the candle signifying Sansa's need for help was lit. I might have shouted 'NO, TURN AROUND,' twice. I despise Ramsay Bolton and was so relieved that Theon grew another pair and  assisted Sansa in her escape from Winterfell.
Tyrion was left to govern Mereen with Grey Worm and Missandei, whilst Jorah and Daario go in search of Daenerys who was flown off to safety in the previous episode by Drogon (my favourite dragon). Drogon is injured and I wasn't happy to see him in pain but Dany leaves him to go off and inspect her surroundings; suddenly she is circled by an army of Dothraki. Do they remember her? Do they know she is the Khaleesi? She drops her ring which suggests she fears she will be captured.
What else? Brienne stabs Stannis, but is he dead? Arya kills Meryn Trant and she goes blind. Myrcella dies on the way home from Dorne with Jaime.
What happened to Bran? I hear you ask...he was having a season off, simple as that. I'm pretty sure he'll be back next season and I can't wait to watch his journey.
All in all, I enjoyed Season Five, some parts were slow but the epic battle with the White Walkers made up for that. I'm still in shock of the rape of Sansa, and Stannis burning his daughter Shireen alive, I'll gladly never witness those episodes again.
Do you watch Game of Thrones?
What were your feelings towards this season?
Sarah x


  1. I've never watched this tv serie. But it sounds so good that I'm going to check it out!
    The Color Palette


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