Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

The gorgeous Danielle | A Shi...pload Of Polish | tagged me in the  Love/Hate Tag |

The Rules
The tagged person must share a total of 20 things; 10 things they love, and 10 things they hate.
They must nominate 10 bloggers to complete the tag.

10 Things that I Love:

My family | My Mum is an absolute wonder woman and I owe her so much. My two year old nephew, Kaine (KP) is everything, he makes my heart smile.

Ian | My beardy boy is amazing, I have no idea how he puts up with my rants, my tantrums, my disability. I love him more every day.

John | The male equivalent of me, my best friend for fourteen years, my absolute babe. Our friendship is hilarious and everlasting. We'll end up in jail together.

Writing | Ever since I can remember I wrote shitty little poems and stories to my Nan and Mum. It's got me through some tough times and I express myself better through writing.

Make Up | If you know me, or regularly read my blog, I'm obsessed, okay? I can't help it. It makes me look pretty.

Books | Forever a bookworm.

Driving | I love getting in the car and having no destination, just driving aimlessly, killing time and seeing some new places.

Chocolate | Why must it taste so good?

Stationery | Cute notebooks, pens, all the pens, Paperchase. Everything.

Winter | Although my joints don't like the cold, I love the Winter months. I'm a January baby after all. There's something about being wrapped up indoors, watching telly when it's freezing outside that I take pleasure in.

10 Things that I Hate:

Pain | To be more specific - the pain I'm in on a daily basis, could happily live without that.

People that don't indicate | Indicators are on the car for a reason, USE THEM! I have bad road rage.

Sharks | It's ridiculous, I'll never come in contact with a shark but they terrify me.

Letting people down | Happens all the time, especially with my disability.

Moths | Nope. Just no. I can't deal with them.

Liars | Don't do it, you'll get found out in the end.

Confrontation | It gives me mad anxiety, I can't even think about it without wanting to throw up.

When there's no disabled access | Like, seriously, we're in 2015, sort it out people.

Manipulation/Blackmailing | I hate this in a person. I haven't got any time for people with these traits.

Waiting | I don't like waiting for anything; in a queue, for parcels, at a restaurant...I'm really impatient.


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  1. I hate confrontation as well, but it's something we have to overcome. It gives me serious anxiety as well, but it's better to face it and get it over with. I tend to drown myself in assumptions, and it really just make things worse.


    1. I do the same. I'm getting better at it though. Thanks for reading x


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