Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BBC News: "Too Pretty To Be In A Wheelchair"

"Too pretty to be in a wheelchair."

I woke up to so many tweets and texts this morning because my interview with BBC's Lucy Townsend had been published. I didn't think it would get half as much attention as it has and it's made my heart smile.

Lucy emailed me after reading my post on I'm Disabled and Wear Make Up, So What? a few weeks ago and asked if she could interview me, as well as four other disabled beauty/fashion bloggers. 

You can read the article in full HERE! I'd absolutely love it if you checked it out and shared it. 

Disability doesn't discriminate; I may be considered pretty to some people but it doesn't stop my body from being broken.


  1. I read your tweets this morning but it was only logging into blogger that I saw the article! I think the whole thing is ridiculous- everyone wants to look their best when they go out and being a wheelchair doesn't change that! My gran was in a wheelchair for much of her later life and she wouldn't leave without makeup- like so many people! And as you said, when you're not well you especially want to look as best you can. Even if was meant as a compliment of sorts, people need to think a little more about what they say x



    1. They really should think before they speak. Make up is for everyone x

    2. Tha's so great that you were able to share your opinion on a wider scale. I can't believe some of the things some say. My best friend is in a wheelchair too (due to EDS) and she's had some really horrible and cruel things said to her, it's so sad people have to be like that.

    3. Thanks, Dani. So sorry your friend has experienced that, there's no need for it x


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