Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Magnitone - The Full Monty Review

The Full Monty
Facial Cleanse + Tone + Exfoliate + Pedi-Buff

I can unequivocally, hand on heart say that I love this product. The Magnitone - Full Monty is not only a facial cleanser but it treats your whole body. It comes with three brush heads, the Active Clean which has long, soft, densely packed bristles, I use this on my face every morning and evening; the Exfoliator that is much larger, with shorter, more spaced out bristles; and the Well-Heeled, a hard pumice especially for your feet. 

So what does it do? The Full Monty uses Vibra-Sonic pulsations to unclog pores, tone and smooth your skin. You literally let the vibrations do all the work, no need for scrubbing, just gently glide Monty (yes, I've renamed it) over the skin in small circular motions and watch your skin transform into something soft and fabulous.

It comes with a protective cap to keep the bristles safe and a charging cradle with USB charger. It takes 24 hours to charge when you first get it, so plug it in right away! There are five modes; three for the face, and one each for exfoliating the body and buffing the feet. The face modes range from Sensitive, Daily Cleanse and PulseLift Toning, each lasting one minute with beeps after 20 seconds to move Monty to another part of the face. It is recommended that you work on the T-zone, cheeks and neck. You can apply your cleanser directly to your face or to the bristles, it's completely up to you. I tend to apply my Purity cleanser to my face, add water and then go in with my Magnitone. 

The Exfoliate and Pedi-Buff last for three minutes and have one minute beeps to provide thorough exfoliation. Magnitone recommend that you do not apply an exfoliating scrub when using The Full Monty on the body. However, Monty is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower. Bonus.

After using Monty on my face, I then go in with my moisturiser and eye cream, and I'm ready to go. I've been using this product everyday for three weeks and I love it. I didn't have any breakouts or horrific 'purging' tales some have experienced, but I have been using a Clarisonic for a year. I know some users have complained about their skin getting worse before getting better when using a cleansing brush but it is completely normal as your skin is adjusting to a deeper cleaning method. 

I honesty prefer the Magnitone Full Monty to my Clarisonic Mia 2, simply because it does so much more for a similar price. Neither are cheap but if you're considering splurging on a cleansing brush, definitely put this top of your list.

Magnitone - The Full Monty | £130 | Magnitone |

Have you tried a cleansing brush?

* Disclaimer: I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I received no payment for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I have a Magnitone and I completely ADORE it!! I just have the original lucid one, yours looks all fancy OoOooooOoo.
    I've yet to try any other heads than the brush but my skin has never been better than when I use my brush. For years I used rough exfoliators that probably caused more damage than I realised but the Magnitone is just the right amount of exfoliant for me - cannot stress how much I love it.
    Also PURITY LOVE!!!!

    Gillian  xx

    1. Aren't they fab? Love it. Ahhhh Purity is sent from heaven x

  2. I have the Magnitone Lucid and love it, don't know how I survived without it. Makes your skin feel so much clearer, especially when it's going through a pesky stage like I am at the moment. I like the idea of having different heads for different things though xx

    Tamz ||

    1. Yeah, it's so good having different uses x

  3. I have a Barefaced Magnitone and cannot be happier with the results it has given me! After suffering with acne for almost as long as I can remember and trying so many different products to get rid of it, I get gifted a Magnitone and lo and behold me skin clears right up! I didn't suffer from purging either thankfully as i'm not sure I could have handled that! >.< Even today, almost a year of having it, my skin has never been better and the only breakouts I get now are hormone related!! I seriously could cry tears of happiness at how it has helped my skin!! 8-)
    Great post babe and I love how you've renamed him! Haha!

    1. I love mine too, it's so good. Glad you didn't go through the purge either :) x


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