Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Timeless Truth Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are all over the Korean beauty market and recently headed over to the US. I first saw various beauty gurus I watch on YouTube and follow on Snapchat (I'm a beauty junkie, I can't help it) use them and was intrigued.

I sent out a tweet a couple of months ago asking followers if they knew where I could purchase any decent sheet masks, and was introduced to the lovely Angela, from Timeless Truth. Angela kindly sent me an array of masks to test out, and I'm really impressed. I was kind of worried that I'd feel claustrophobic, and I probably would scare a young child if wearing a sheet mask, but luckily I don't have any kids, and they're really comfortable to wear, if not a little strange to begin with.

Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask | £4.90 |  | TT Masks |
Moisturising and reduces uneven texture

Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask | £4.90 | TT Masks |
Treats acne, adds radiance, and targets premature ageing

Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask | £4.90 | TT Masks |
Anti-ageing, moisturising and smoothing

The above three masks can be bought in packs of 5 for £23.50.
Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask | £6.50 | TT Masks |
Moisturising, brightening, and reduces uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Facial Beauty Mask | £7.90| TT Masks |
Anti-ageing and repairs damaged tissue

Multi-Peptide Bio Cellulose Eye Mask | £3.70 | TT Masks
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles whilst hydrating the under-eyes. 

I loved all of these masks, none of them broke me out or caused any irritation. I definitely need to get some more.
Have you tried sheet masks?

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