Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites

I simply can't believe we're at the end of March already, I know I'll read so many posts that say this, but seriously, wasn't it Christmas two minutes ago? Anyway, my faves, let's do this.

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder - Pink Glow | £34 | Bobbi Brown |

I love pink highlighters as I'm the love-child of Casper and Snow White, in other words, I'm extremely pale; so bronze highlights do nothing but accentuate how fair I am. Pink Glow has a gorgeous mixture of champagne and pearl that really illuminates the skin. If you fancy splurging, get this.

Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color Palette | £30 | Beauty Bay |

I am so beyond obsessed with this palette and I never thought I'd even use it, let alone love it. It contains 12 floral-inspired colours that can be worn on the lips or cheeks. I only ever use it for blush as I'm a liquid lipstick girl, and it's perfect. The colour pay-off is luminous and sheer but can be built up, and it wears all day. I love how healthy my skin looks when I apply it, and the range of colours is vast. I've even tried that scary hot pink and it's beautiful. Twelve blushers and lipsticks for £30 - bargain.

Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick - Bare With Me | £14.50 | Beauty Bay |

There are no words to describe how much I love this lipstick. If you read my blog, you'll know how much I rave about the Stila and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks but I think they've been bumped into joint second place because the DoC lipsticks are the epitome of all things glorious. Do you hear angels sing? Yep, that's how good this lipstick is. It's not at all drying, it lasts forever and doesn't transfer, the colours are phenomenal and pigmented...Full review next week, promise.

Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil - Staunchly Stylish | £15 | Mac |

Move over Soar and Whirl, it's all about Staunchly Stylish. I love a lip liner, I can't apply lipstick (especially liquid lipstick) without it. I mean I could, but it'd probably be a shitty job. I like the regular Mac lip liners but the Pro Longwear ones are so much better - I don't know why I don't see them talked about all over the place. They're so creamy, long-wearing, pigmented, they're kind of perfect...and Staunchly Stylish is that pinky beige everyone loves. You have to have this.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Medium Brown | £15.50 | Beauty Bay |

Okay, so I have a full review of the ABH Brow Definer here, and I said I'd let you know how it compared to the Brow Wiz, which I've been using for over a year...So, drum roll please...I definitely prefer the Brow Wiz. Why? Because it's smaller, once the Brow Definer becomes blunt, it's pretty difficult to create small eyebrow-like strokes. All hail the Brow Wiz, I shan't abandon you again, my love.

What are your favourite products for March?


  1. Ooo I love the sound of the Dose of Colours lipstick - I'd love some swatches!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. I instantly looked at the lipstick and wondered what it is like. I like the packaging, looks nice :)

  3. that palette is beautiful!! Amazing post

    CharlotteSamantha //

  4. The look of that lip liner looks gorgeous! I really want to try the Dose of Colours Lipsticks! They look so good

    Hana | ♥

  5. The highlighting powder looks gorgeous. I have a weakness for highlighter I guess. Love them!

  6. The highlight palette looks gorgeous!

  7. I have yellow toned skin, do you think the Pink Glow highlighter would work on me? It looks like a beautiful product 😍😍

    1. They have a Bronze Glow one that will suit you lovely x

  8. Ooo; love those beautiful colours! especially the highlighting powder.

    Joy @ The Joyous Living


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