Friday, 18 March 2016

Uncommon Goods Wish List

As most of you know, my boyfriend and I recently moved into our own bungalow. All the furniture and boring, kitchen appliances have been purchased, so I can finally be let loose, and buy all the cute cushions, art prints and accessories. However, I couldn't resist having a sneak peek here at furniture.
Have you heard of Uncommon Goods?
Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999 and has a wide selection of products that meet the highest standards for uncommon design, sustainability and doing good. About one third of the entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials, whilst providing a platform for artists and designers to showcase their creations.
Quite frankly, Uncommon Goods is a site that I could spend quite a bit of money on; I mean just quickly browsing through the home decor section, I can feel my credit card growing legs and attempting to climb into my hand; take a quick look at the home section here, and then come straight back. I'm slightly obsessed with prints at the moment and Uncommon Goods has plenty.
I have lists all over the place, my phone, notebook, my diary, iPad, you might say I'm a prolific note-taker (I am, I really am), and there's a few things that we still need for the house. We bought a bookcase last week as I have a tonne of books, so I immediately looked on Uncommon Goods for some bookends. My boyfriend loves elephants, especially baby elephants, so the Elephant Family bookends would go down very well in our home. And the literary candles are very Sarah; I counted 21 candles in our living room the other day, and as someone with a Masters in English, literature takes up a massive place in my heart.
Elephant Family Bookends | £48.68 | Uncommon Goods |
'You Are Loved' Print | £22.47 | Uncommon Goods |
'Falling' Linocut Print | £20.97 | Uncommon Goods |
'There Are Always Flowers' Print | £28.46 | Uncommon Goods |
Birthstone Wishing Ball | £23.97 | Uncommon Goods |
Literary Candles | £11.98 | Uncommon Goods
What homeware things are you in love with?
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored.


  1. Those wishing balls are incredible! So stunning x

  2. The birth stone wishing balls are so pretty! Tania xx


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