Friday, 29 April 2016

Best Things About Having a House

As you may know (or not), my boyfriend and I have lived together for about two years. However, during that time we've lived with my family and his, but finally got our own place January this year. I wrote a short post about it if you fancy catching up - here.

There's been so many positives about having our own space, so I thought I'd share.

  • Freedom - Get up whenever, go to bed whenever, cook, clean, shower at any time and not disturb anyone else in the house. Could even walk around naked if I was that way inclined.

  • Independence - I'm getting on now, I'm 29, it's about time I had my own place. The bill paying is a downside but who likes paying bills?

  • Decorating - Having everything in your own style; I've always loved interior design so decorating a whole house is awesome.

  • Different rooms - When living with family we spent most of our time in a bedroom; now I can lie in bed reading and Ian can watch telly in the living room.

  • Stuff - Just having your stuff anywhere you want and knowing nobody (Mother, I'm looking at you) will move it to a 'safe place', never to be seen again.

  • Books - I love my bookcase and having it on display in our living room brings me joy; it's also a conversation-starter.

  • Us - The Bung is something that belongs to Ian and I, it's our space.

Do you agree with me, or have anything to add?


  1. I loved this post!
    My partner and I are in a house share at the moment but we're moving out very soon for all of these reasons and more. I can't wait to have our own space.

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  2. My mum still keeps moving my stuff to a safe place. Whyy must mums do this. I still haven't quite got used to the fact that I have a whole house just for my crap.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Hahaha my mum lives three hours away so can't do that now. It really is strange, Ian and I sat there for the first few days like 'what now?' haha xo


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