Monday, 11 April 2016

Brain Fog #2

I wrote a post on brain fog back in January and received an overwhelming response from people who also tackle their foggy brains; they could empathise but also chuckled at the hilarity that comes out of my mouth, (my fellow Spoonies know all too well as they experience it too).  

In my opinion laughter is the best medicine; I'm always cracking jokes and trying to bring a bit of sunshine into shitty pain days, therefore when I have funny brain fog moments, (if I remember) I immediately make a note in my phone so I can eventually share them. Let's all laugh at how fuzzy my mind works, or rather doesn't work. Seriously, I won't be offended if you have a giggle, I'm sharing these to make you smile.

  • 'All this brain gof is annoying me.' - I can't even summon Brain Fog!

  • 'Look I'm Well L Coo J.' I woke up and one of the legs on my pyjamas was rolled up. I meant that I looked like LL Cool J.

  • 'If there was a zombie acopopolips, I'd be screwed.'

  • 'Look at her swercul.' - I meant 'circle' was referring to a pregnant ladies belly. I don't know.

  • 'Shall I light the fairy liquid Yankee candle?' - It's called Fireside Treats.

  • Me - 'Have you got that stuff? The long, big toilet roll?'
    Bf - 'Kitchen roll? Yes.'

  • Me - 'I'm pyjamas getting on when I get in. No, my jarparmas are going in. For fucks sake.'
    Bf - 'You're getting changed when you get in.'
    Me - 'That.'

  • Me - 'Can you get me a little mannequin to put raisins in, please?'
    Bf - 'A what?'
    Me - 'Mannequin?'
    Bf - 'A ramekin?'
    Me - 'Same thing.'

  • 'Shall we go to Asgwos tomorrow?' I meant Argos.

  • Me - 'It smells like curry in here.'
    Bf - 'You had curry for tea.'

  • Me - 'That's a cocker-spaniel. I want a dog with a cock in it. No, not a cock.'
    Bf - 'You've said it now.'

  • *** Whilst watching the new season of Daredevil ***
    Me - 'Who's that, Black Sabbath or something?'
    Bf - 'Haha you mean Blacksmith?'
    Me - 'Close enough.'

  • 'Where are you going with that blasket?' - I meant blanket, but actually I meant towel even though Ian had hold of his hoody.
I'm going to continue making notes of the ridiculous things I say, so if you like this post, be sure to keep an eye out for more. 


  1. Haha I loved this post! I honestly agree, laughter is the best medicine. Throughout my transplant (and upcoming transplant) making jokes has definitely helped to make me feel better. It's not a case of not taking it seriously, but a bit of light hearted humour definitely helps. My friend bought me a cartoon card recently with an eye hospital on it and someone standing outside it asking 'Where's the eye hospital?' and it just made me smile! Though I haven't done that...yet! Haha!

    Sarah xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Laughter definitely helps with coping x

  2. Your examples were funny! I hate when I can't remember what things are called and have to describe them. Stopping by from Spoonie Bloggers on Pinterest.

  3. The cocker spaniel one hahaha. Also Im pretty sure Ive called kitchen roll the big toilet roll before. At least brain fog makes life amusing
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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