Friday, 22 April 2016

Relationship with Writing

When my Nan died, amongst her things I found a little poem I'd written her when I was five, about a ghost who liked toast (clearly a child genius in the making) - as soon as I could write, I did.

I love writing. That's my thing, my talent - some might say. I find it relaxing; it focusses me whilst transporting me elsewhere. As well as my blog, I write fiction and poetry, but I seem to have fallen out of love with those forms of writing lately. 

I certainly go through phases with writing, I always have and I probably always will. Recently, I don't have the motivation to write anything other than my blog and articles for other sources; I certainly haven't typed a word of fiction in at least a year, and the last poem I finished was in October 2014. It makes me sad, and really pissed off that I don't give myself time to write creatively. I don't even know what it is, I can't seem to sit down and bring myself to start. I have ideas all the time, I'm always making notes to write about this or that, I just haven't done it in so long. I need a massive kick up the arse. 

I've had short stories and poetry published; I'm not shit, I'm also nothing special, but I know I can write well, and write things people would want to read. I just need to get my mojo back. 

They say there's a novel in all of us, and I truly believe I have at least five in me. I've had all the intentions of writing a crime thriller since 2010, I remember exactly where I was when the idea came to me. Sat in uni, during my Crime Fiction module (surprise surprise) with my tutor was talking about American Psycho, I zoned out and started writing frantically until my hand hurt. At the end of the seminar my tutor noticed I hadn't been very present (I was always very vocal) so I told her what I'd been doing and she begged me to get it written. Have I done that? No. Have I started it? At least ten times. I'll get there. 

I'm hoping by writing this, I realise how important my creativity is to me. I miss it. I want to write. I don't know what's stopping me. I might start scheduling writing days in my diary as I do like a routine. I'll get there, I'll write a novel and a poetry anthology. Watch me.

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  1. I hope you can find the motivation and passion to get back to writing soon :) I can very much relate, I used to absolutely love writing when I was a teenager. I'd love to start writing again! I have so many ideas but no drive to sit down and actually put pen to paper. It's really awesome that you've had poetry and short stories published! I'm looking forward to seeing a crime thriller from you in the future :)


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