Monday, 30 May 2016

How I Organise My Posts

I post religiously Monday, Wednesday and Friday, some weeks I end up posting more, but you can guarantee there will be at least three blog posts up on Sarah in Wonderland each week. I think in the last year I missed maybe three days out of my routine due to things associated with my chronic condition. It used to frustrate me if I didn't get a post up on my scheduled day, but it doesn't really bother me now as my blog isn't going anywhere. However, I do like to stick to a routine, I work best when I have a plan.

I use a agenda to schedule, it has two pages of notes before each month and a monthly planner, as well as the weeks spread across two pages. This means I can organise my life (lets face it, it's usually hospital appointments) alongside my blog. I like having them both in the same place, it makes things much easier for me.

I use one page of notes for health/disability related ideas, and the other for beauty and lifestyle. This way I can sort through my notes quick and easy. I usually get an idea or more each day and I'll always write it in my planner, or on my phone if I don't have it with me.

Monday = Lifestyle 
Wednesday = Beauty
Friday = Health

Using a pencil, I plan out my monthly posts (sometimes two months in advance) in my agenda. I do it in pencil as I'm forever swapping things out, especially if I've been sent something to review, or I've been shopping and want to post a haul. I always make sure that my content is varied; I never post a review of blogger mail on consecutive days, and if I write a negative post regarding chronic illness one week, the week after I'll make sure there's a positive or funny one. It may appear random, but I have it all meticulously planned out.

Each week, I'll check what posts I have planned and write a post-it note detailing the pictures I'll need. I then spend an afternoon photographing. This takes quite a lot of time as I have to pace it and my hands/back/hips/everything end up hurting. I try to take two weeks worth of images, but if something has arrived in the post, I shoot it in the first few days so I can begin using it. I edit them over a few days as they're not usually needed right away.

When it actually comes to writing, I tend to get the words on my laptop screen the day before. I like making sure I have my pictures ready before I start to write, I can't do it any other way. The writing part is always the easiest for me, (unless it's particularly personal) the words seem to flow naturally as I know what I want to say. I usually have more notes in my agenda if I'm reviewing something as my brain isn't great at remembering everything. 

And stickers. How could I forget? My agenda is covered in cute, brightly coloured stickers! Stationery haul coming soon ;)

How do you organise?


  1. This is a very organised plan!
    I used to write specific genre posts on specific days, but I've decided to just write what I like, and post it whenever! Haha.

    I really feel like I do need to plan ahead more though, I plan my blog posts throughout the week, and actually write them at the weekend. I'd like to plan as far ahead as you!!
    Sarah xxx

    1. I just work so much better when I have a plan or I procrastinate and would never get anything done lol x

  2. I'd love to have some sort of planner for my blog, I always worry about falling behind with my posts, so this certainly makes me want to be more organised x

  3. Great post :) I like your plan! I love how you have a different theme for each day.

    I write up notes the day before so that I can look at them as I'm writing up my posts, and I usually take my photos the day before and do any editting on the day of the post :)

    I seriously need to set up my planner! I got a gorgeous turquoise filofax for my birthday and I still haven't set it up! x

  4. I've never actually organised my blog at all to be quite honest. I'm in the middle of getting myself into a blogging routine to help myself out a little bit more because right now I post quite sporadically. These tips are really useful and I think I'm going to put them into practice right away. Thank you for this post.

    Hannah |

    1. Glad I could help, good luck at getting more organised x


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