Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Pan Haul

A few weekends ago Beauty Bay did an offer where all Makeup Geek products were half price. I pretty much praised the heavens and decided it was the best time to make an order. Only a few days previously I composed a list of shadows I needed, so it was fate really.

The eye shadow pans usually cost £4.95 but had been reduced to £2.50, so I got fourteen...I had to. I already have a large z-palette full of matte and shimmer shades, and another z-palette half full of foiled shadows and two blush pans; you can check out my original collection here.

I decided to just go for all matte shades as I use them much more often and I feel like they're a lot more versatile. I also picked up two brushes, a contour brush and a blush blush, each reduced to just under £4. 

Shades I added to my collection:
Tiki Hut - Medium brown
Poppy - Orange with pink undertones
Concrete Jungle - Deep grey with purple undertones
Sand Dollar - Porcelain pink grey
Americano - Dark brown with slight purple undertones
White Lies - Pure white
Petal Pusher - Medium rose brown
High Tea - Medium brown with grey undertones
Enchanted Forest - Deep ivy green
Curfew - Medium plum purple
Desert Sands - Medium camel brown
Morocco - Burnt orange
Cherry Cola - Deep brown with red undertones
Sorbet - Pastel melon pink

I've already used a lot of these pans and they're such good quality with amazing pigmentation. Morocco and Poppy are definitely my favourites at the moment, they add a gorgeous pop of colour in the crease and make any look instantly brighter and summery. So glad I managed to nab this lot when they were discounted! 
Have you tried the Makeup Geek eye shadows?


  1. So jealous of your recent haul, I need to start creating my own Makeup Geek palette I swear, morroco definitely has my name on it! I'd be worried that Id literally just go for about 40 different warm/neutral brown shades though! Love how you have quite a few pop of colour shades too xx

    1. Thank you. You totally do, it's so worth it x

  2. I had no idea they were half price, HOW DID I MISS THIS?! I'm so mad at myself omg, and also jealous of your collection. Very. Jealous.
    Cherry Cola looks like such a beautiful colour, the name alone drew me in! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. I don't know. I tweeted about it a few times too, so you must have missed those!
      Cherry Cola is stunning x


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