Monday, 4 July 2016

Favourite Etsy Shops

I'm a massive fan of Etsy; if I want prints, stationery or a cute gift, it's the first place I go. There's so much choice and something for everyone, I just love it. As an Etsy addict, I thought I'd share some of my favourite shops, do check them out, they're all fab.

LethbridgeCards is my go-to store for all things planner stickers. The image above contains a few sticker sheets I've bought from Emma. She has a wide selection of stickers and stationery which are all excellent quality and pretty damn adorable. Emma ships really quickly, is so sweet, and I highly recommend that you check her out. I featured LethbridgeCards on my blog here, too.

DorkFaceShop ran by the ever-gorgeous, ever-talented, queen of blogging, Jemma. Jemma's shop contains stickers and prints, which she hand draws and are high-key mega cute. She also offers a custom order service that I must take her up on very soon. I'll be forever grateful to Jem for designing mermaids in wheelchairs stickers after my suggestion one random night on Twitter - she did it right away and made us disabled kids feel part of the group. Love her.

AbbieImagine is hands down the best place for super cute prints. She has a selection of typography, Disney, literary, TV and film prints that are so awesome, unique and perfect for a gallery wall. She also sells greetings cards that are fab. Abbie is an ultimate babe, she donated some prizes for my giveaway, and is so lovely to work with. If you haven't visited her shop before now, I urge you to go now. You can also check out AbbieImagine in my Gallery Wall post.

PrintsOfHeart is another shop that has some superb quality prints. Some are available for instant download, and they can also be personalised. One of my favourite living room prints is a rose gold foiled skull, and my boyfriend loves the Northern Lights print. Lisa has such a variety of quirky, cool and cheeky prints, I love it. You can see the prints I have from Lisa here.

UnwrapColour is literally washi tape heaven. Rose has so many different designs and sizes to choose from that you simply can't not buy something. I have a washi tape crafty blog post coming soon featuring all tape from UnwrapColour, so do look out for that. 

RPGCreative makes my inner geek very happy. Ross sells prints that are perfect for the man-cave, or should I say Bat cave? His prints include Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Disney. They're just so fucking cool, so well designed, and so original. I'm already planning my Marvel themed gallery wall. If you like superheroes/villains, or any of the above mentioned, or you know someone that does, you need to go to his shop immediately. He also offers 3 for 2, so you can't really say no.

My Etsy love will never falter! Please share your favourite shops below, I'd love to check them out.


  1. I love posts like this! I am addicted to Etsy and love discovering new shops and brands. Going to check all of these out, thanks for haring lovely.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. Yay! Gosh I am such an etsy addict, what did we do before etsy!?! These are my faves for sure: RubyRobinBoutique-BEAUTIFUL botanical necklaces, rings, earrings etc.
    cellsdividing-lovely poetry necklaces.
    MicaPeet-geometric jewelry .
    PointNoPointStudio-gorgoeus rings (got my husbands wedding band here).
    FamilyFotoFun-BEAUTIFUL photos printed on wood. I have bought two pieces from them, their work is amazing.
    GrannysHopeChest-hilarious celebrity prayer candles.
    I will definitely be checking out your favorites!!!

  3. Ah, I've been looking for some planner stickers and think I've just found what I was looking for. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!


  4. I love Etsy! I'm always looking around for cool prints and Scandinavian inspired things! I'm defo going to check some of these shops our. Maybe it'll eventually convince me to start a bullet journal so I can buy loads of stickers! Haha!

    Tarnya xx


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