Friday, 15 July 2016

Toddlerlife #4

I'm back at it again with the things my 3 year old nephew says. He's such a little bundle of joy, although if he knew I'd called him 'little' he'd correct me because he's 'big' now - apologies, Kainey.

KP - What you doing?
Me - Eating Chinese
KP - What you eating Chinese for?
Me - Well, I'm hungry.

Me - Do you like my hair?
KP - Yes, you is beautiful.

KP - Why you go hospital?
Me - I've got a sore body
KP - My come see you on my own, my Nan not come
Me - Okay, thanks bud.

Me - Come and give me a smoochie, please
KP - No thanks

KP - *taking his jacket off* My getting a bit warm now.

Me - Do you want another letter?
KP - Yes please, and a present
Me - What would you like?
KP - A big one.

*Took Kaine the toilet*
KP - Look Sarah, I'm pissing.

*In the gym with my brother*
KP - I'm getting my shoulders ripped, lad.

KP - Look at my muscles, my baby Hulk
Me - Wow, you're so strong
KP - My know, my daddy Hulk now.

Mum - Say 'bye'
KP - No
Me - Bye, you little shit
KP - Sarah, you is very naughty, my smack your bum.

KP - My take off my onesie and be naked
Me - Why're you obsessed with being naked?
KP - Coz.

KP - Sarah, my farted on your bed

Mum - I love you, Kaine
KP - Alright, Nan, alright.

Bro - *swears*
KP - That is very naughty, you'll have to go to the police station.

*KP puts his hand in my mouth giving me my medication*
KP - You love that don't you? This make your bones better.

Me - Speak to uncle Ian for a minute
KP - Get that beard cut, it too long.

Mum - Hang on a little minute, Kaine, I'm having a hot flush
KP - My having a hot flush too, Nan.

Me - Kaine, go and get Roger
KP - You get him, please
Me - My back is very sore
KP - My toes is very sore, my can't walk.

KP - *whispers to Nan*
Mum - What did you say?

KP - Sarah, where's your bungalow, Sarah?
Me - You're in it, bud. A bungalow is a house with no stairs.
KP - My want a bungalow in my house.

He's so bloody cute!


  1. Your little nephew is soo so cute! :) xx

    Vildana from Living Like V

  2. Aww i love how he says 'my' all the time... and 'lad'. So cute! I love posts like this!

  3. Too cute aren't they? One of my great nephews thinks I live on a plane because my mum got them to wave to me last time I flew back to London! xx


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