Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Falsies: Lashes for Glasses

I'm always being asked to create eye-looks for glasses wearers and I've not done it because I don't see why I'd wear different eye makeup due to wearing glasses. I choose my eyeshadow looks based on my eye shape, I never take my specs into consideration. The only time I have to think about my glasses is when I'm buying/wearing false eyelashes. 

Here's a little secret: I've only been wearing false lashes for the last year. I always thought they'd be too difficult to put on, or take too long and I'd get fed up. But as soon as I started wearing them, I loved how they looked and I got the knack of applying them very quickly. I was quite shocked at how easy they were to put on and can now do them in a matter of seconds.

I can't wear contact lenses for many reasons that I won't bore you with, so I have to pick my strip lashes strategically. I can't wear lashes that are super long as they'll brush against my glasses, so I opt for lashes that add volume. I also tend to go for natural styles but I have to be careful that the length isn't too long. 

My absolute favourites falsies are Nouveau Lashes Natural/1 - they're so stunning and make any eye-look pop. I've got in the habit of wearing this style for every and any occasion. I don't go out that often but when I do, I put a full face of makeup on, including my Natural/1s. They're so comfortable to wear, and add volume and length, but not so much length that they stroke the lenses of my glasses. I feel like they add a touch of glam, bring a lot of attention to my eyes and I love how they look. I can't get enough.

The title pic and image below I'm wearing Natural/1 lashes. They're so gorgeous.


My other faves are the strip lashes in Volume/1, also from Nouveau Lashes. They add a completely different effect to my eyes; they're so wispy and feathery, and for some reason they make me feel like a fairy princess. They add length and a lot of volume. Again, they are the perfect length to wear with glasses because there's no annoying sweep of the lenses each time you blink. Even though they look really long, they're not too long to make glasses wearers frustrated. Due to the curl being so extravagant in the Volume/1 lashes, upon blinking they're still curled upwards so won't go anywhere near the glasses. Bonus.

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than spending ages perfecting a smoky eye, adding lashes, putting on your specs and the lashes being in the way! 

Below I'm awkwardly modelling a pair or Volume/1 strip lashes.

I've quickly become a falsies obsessee. I think they change your makeup completely and take it to a whole other level. Since glasses can sometimes take over your face, putting on a pair of lashes makes the eyes stand out more. I always go for large framed glasses to show off my eyes (and eye makeup), and it certainly helps now that I'm a strip lash convert because my falsies have a great stage.

So, if you wear glasses I highly suggest you check out Nouveau Lashes. They have loads of styles, are all £6.99, are amazing quality, and vegan. Natural/1, Volume/1 and Volume/3 are my favourites and I can guarantee they won't interfere with your specs. 

Lastly, Nouveau have kindly sent me my favourite three pairs of lashes to giveaway, so if you're a glasses wearer this competition will be perfect for you. Just head over to Twitter and retweet my giveaway tweet, and follow myself and Nouveau Lashes. Simple. The comp is open internationally and it will end on 31st August. ***COMP NOW CLOSED***


  1. As an almost life-time glasses wearer I applaud you for this post about falsies! I can never find a pair that I like and don't rub against my lenses.

    Pinned this ❤️

    Mel ★

  2. These look so good on! I always really struggled with false eyelashes and glasses, I could never find ones that didn't brush against them. I'm happy I don't have to worry about them anymore, but so glad you've managed to find some. About time someone made suitable ones haha xx

    Tamz |

    1. Thank you lovely. It really is, I bloody love the look of them x

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