Monday, 24 October 2016

Abandoned Places

Since it's Halloween next week I thought I'd share my love of abandoned places. They're always quite dark and creepy, have an air of eeriness and make the mind wander. That's no doubt the reason a lot of horror film/shows take place in derelict hospitals and buildings - they're bloody scary.

I don't know why or how I became fascinated by deserted structures but I have a feeling they connected with the writer in me. Looking at images of places that were built for a reason, that used to thrive, and now are left neglected and broken always inspire me. I mull over hundreds of questions; who used to live there? Why did they leave? Did something tragic happen? Is it haunted? How long has it been abandoned? And so many more. The decayed ruins can be interpreted so many different ways and although they're destroyed, there's beauty in the tragedy. There's something about them that are aesthetically pleasing; maybe it's the mystery and the unexpected, I don't know, but I'm certainly a fan.

When I look through these type of images the main thing that goes through my mind is - 'I wish I could photograph them myself.' As much as I'd love to and how strong the urge is, I'm more than sure I wouldn't be able to find an abandoned building that is wheelchair accessible. Trust me, I'm not complaining, there's nothing practical about broken down buildings, and I'm not ridiculous enough to think something derelict would be easy to access. For now I'll get my kicks from the safety and practicality of my living room. 

I wish the following images were ones I'd taken. Maybe one day I'll own a hovercraft and visit all the creepy, freaky places myself!

These dark images tap into my curious side; I can't help but create spooky backstories and invent bizarre characters that roamed the halls. If you're a fiction writer and ever get writers block, I highly suggest you look at some photographs (especially of abandoned places) and it should definitely inspire you.

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to abandoned places so if you're interested, go give it a follow.


  1. I completely agree I love architecture like this, I feel like places like this that have been lived in almost reflect that life? I find them so interesting and I'd love to explore more! X

  2. Oh I love this post! There's so much beauty in a abandoned places but that there's always a story you can make up in your mind about what happened there. Some of those places look super eery though!

  3. I too have always had a fascination with abandoned places :) I can spend hours looking at posts about the world's coolest abandonment places. They are just so shrouded in mystery; I also can't help but let my imagination run wild wondering what it used to be like there. Something that I just love is how nature starts to reclaim the land over time, all the plants that grow through the building ruins, and the animals that make their homes inside. I'd love to go and visit some abandoned places some day, but have to admit that I'm also a little scared :D haha

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    1. Awww we must be kindred spirits. I'd probably be really scared too to be fair x


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