Monday, 27 February 2017

February #Paperhaul Subscription Box

Yesss, I love stationery delivery day. And February's box certainly didn't disappoint. I'm pretty sure it's one of my all-time favourite designs since signing up for the box last year.

#Paperhaul is a monthly subscription box that costs £10, plus £2 postage in the UK and a bit extra for international shipping. You can find all the details here. And if you know someone that loves stationery, can even sign up for gift subscriptions - now that's a present I can get on-board with.

 This months box included:

  • One large greeting card
  • Two smaller greetings cards
  • Three postcards
  • A notebook
  • Two gift tags

I love the colours and design of this box; the pastels and blush tones, with gold accents are beautiful and very much up my street. I also really like the cute little typography on a few of the items and can't wait to send them as happy mail to friends. 

If you're someone that sends letters or just loves stationery, you need to check this out. It's great quality and you receive some really lovely products that you will definitely get use out of.

Did you like February's #Paperhaul box?


  1. How pretty!! I love everything inside this box, it's all soo lovely and definitely something I would send people. Totally me!!

    Gemma |

  2. Oh wow!! These things are SOOOOO pretty :) xx

  3. OMG this stationary looks so lush! I especially think the tags are adorable!
    As somebody who is completely money conscious though do you think it's worth the money? Especially as I live abroad so it'd cost more with postage, would love your opinion xxx

    The Frugal Teen |

    1. If I was conscious of money, I'd never pay more for postage, especially if I could get something similar closer x

  4. So pretty, I am loving the star stuff!


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