Monday, 17 July 2017

Mini Smashbox Review

I will hold my hands up (albeit not high, dodgy shoulder life) and admit I have been a pretty shitty blogger lately. I have been in a complete rut and a lot of pain, so yeah, apologies. But enough of that, let's talk makeup, or more specifically Smashbox.

Before the products I'm going to rave about today, I didn't own an awful lot of Smashbox products. I'm not too sure why as I always have a few items on my extremely long wish list, I just never really needed them like I most definitely need every other beauty product I own. 

Alas, I have new bae's and they're in the shape of an eyeshadow palette and liquid lipsticks.

Cover Shot Eye Palette - Matte | £24 | Smashbox |

Smashbox launched six of these Cover Shot palettes (with a Limited Edition Bold one that I wish I'd have nabbed when it was available) with various shades and finishes. As a matte gal who loves cool tones I knew I had to pick the Matte palette up. Yes, I have plenty of similar matte eye shadows but I couldn't help myself, okay?

The compact comes with eight shadows, six smaller pans with two larger ones that will no doubt be the most used base shades. The packaging is a plastic case with a magnetic closing that has a fab holographic cloud-like explosion image on the front. The inside houses a large mirror, and this palette is perfect for your on-the-go makeup bag.

The eye shadows are creamy, velvety and blend really easily. They are also very pigmented and apply to the eyes smoothly. I always use a primer, even if it's just concealer as I have discolouration on my lids and I'd always recommend a primer as it's like a glue for your shadows. Not only does it grip onto the product but it helps it last longer too. 

I am such a fan of the Matte palette. The colours are very me, they're easy to wear and long-lasting. Despite not looking anything special, you can get quite a lot of looks out of this palette; from neutral everyday looks to a deep, smoky eye. You definitely need it in your collection.

Ablaze and Golden Hour are calling my name. I might have to respond very soon.

Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick - Babe Alert | £19 | Smashbox |

Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick - Dream Huge | £19 | Smashbox |

Babe Alert is described as a 'nude rose' and Dream Huge a 'mauve pink'.

I bought Dream Huge back in May because my babe, Beth over at Mermaid in Disguise recommended the formula. That girl and I have such similar taste that I knew if she loved them they'd be a favourite of mine too. So, obviously I had to go purchase one and then another, and no doubt more.

As a liquid lipstick addict I know what I like in my liquid lippy and this ticks a lot of my boxes. The formula is so incredibly comfortable to wear, it's pigmented in one swipe, dries down quickly and lasts all day. I don't find it transfers or moves about and the finish is very matte. It doesn't dry out the lips at all though, I absolutely love it.

The applicator isn't the usual doe foot but I really like it. It's perfect for tracing the outline of the lips and filling them in as you go. It's also a tad flexible but you have a lot of control over it. It picks up just enough product to give an opaque, even and smooth application.

I already need more. They're such good quality and there's a wide range of colours to choose from. If you love liquid lipsticks, you need to check these out.

Have you tried any Smashbox products?


  1. I need that covershot eye palette! I keep seeing it on your insta and wondering why i havent bought it already! Love the matte, all about the matte!

    Amina xx |

  2. I will be honest, I'd never heard of Smashbox until now. I need a lippy that will last and not transfer for a wedding in September. I'm going to have a look and give them a go, especially as you say they don't dry out your lips. Mine are very full, but I take care of them. Great post and apologising not needed. I pretty much haven't worn make up for 2 years due to regular seizures, but I'm just starting again. Love your photos really clean, crisp and fresh.

    1. Definitely recommend them, especially if you've never heard of them before.
      Ahhh thank you, that's so kind x


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