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ELF Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

elf - liquid lipstick - lipstick - matte - review

I was so excited when elf made a comeback to the UK and buzzing that they'd be sold in Superdrug stores. I was sent quite a few items and have enjoyed the majority of them, so as someone that is a lot little bit addicted to liquid lipstick, I felt it was my duty to give you the DL on these.

Liquid Matte Lipstick* | £6 | elf |

There is eleven shades of liquid lip in the collection and I received five to have a mess around with, Praline, Blushing Rose, Tea Rose, Berry Sorbet and Wine Tour. I have worn all of the nude shades (Praline, Blushing Rose and Tea Rose) quite a few times and Berry Sorbet once. I like the colour range, I feel like there's a colour for every skin tone and preference.

The packaging is a simple plastic tube with screw top and doe foot applicator. There's a slight hole in the wand which holds a lot of product and doesn't give an even application. Because of the wand, it leaves clumps of product on the lips and they need to be worked in quickly. You need to be fast because the formula dries down almost immediately so you don't have a lot of time to play with it. As soon as it is matte, (and they do dry to a matte finish) it is quite drying but not uncomfortable, however if you're not used to matte liquid lipstick I really don't think you'll like these.

The consistency of the product is a moussey liquidy (getting technical here, guys) texture that glides on easily, is quite opaque and pigmented, yet a bit patchy. It is transfer-proof, it doesn't smudge throughout the day and lasts at least seven hours through eating and drinking. It did, however, transfer slightly to my chin after eating and a bit in the centre of my lips faded but not enough to require retouching. Oddly enough the lipstick felt much more comfortable to wear after I had eaten - no idea why.

I am very conscious of my lips when wearing these lipsticks because the dryness is noticeable. I was aware I was wearing product and that irritated me quite a bit as I have matte liquid lipsticks that have all the above qualities but don't leave my lips feeling like the Sahara.

But then again, they only cost £6 and I'm comparing them to lipstick that I pay £16-£20 for. When I juxtapose the product and the price, it's very much worth it. They're a good lipstick and I will continue to wear them, I might just moisturise my lips for three weeks ahead of application.

Have you tried any elf products?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples


  1. I'm quite intrigued by Elf, I know it's quite highly rated by a lot of american youtubers but sadly some of the products I've tried so far haven't been overly impressive...I'm tempted to try these because some of the shades look gorge, but I have such dry lips I don't think they'll work on me! xx

    1. Maybe get one and give it a go, they're affordable and you might like them x

  2. They look like lovely applicators and colour shades, however I hate when you can feel the product on your lips! Really puts me off wearing a product again

    CharlotteSamantha //

  3. Which shade was your fav,ill give one ago as they’re not that expensive!BTW i never knew what juxtapose meant before reading this post lol x

    1. Blushing Rose and Tea Rose are my faves. Haha taught you something x

  4. I am so happy they have come back to the uk. I especially love their blushers. I find most liquid lipsticks drying so I don't think I would like these but the colours are gorgeous!

  5. I have a few products from ELF, including their affordable brushes. So far, I haven't come across a product I don't like. I think I may have to purchase one of the rose ones x

  6. Hiii...Sarah. Actually, I am already using ELF products, But happy to know that my favorite colors are also here, those are blushing rose and tea rose ..I never used liquid matte lipstick. As per your suggestion I would like to give it a try. | Stunning Boho Jewellery Store


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