Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How Many Candles is Too Many?: Candle Haul

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Yes, hello, hi, I have a problem when it comes to candles. But hey, isn't admitting it the first step? Lately I can't seem to stop buying candles. However, two of these my brother bought for me, so I'm not that bad, right? RIGHT? *backs away*

My love for Homesense and the candle aisle may be the death of my bank balance but at least my house will smell incredibly, so who really cares? Homesense is also really affordable and the range of homeware in my local store in Northampton is amazing. If I could go out alone, I'd probably go at least twice a week but my boyfriend isn't the biggest fan.

I've also been taking to my Instagram Story and describing the scents of my recent purchases and a few of my followers have messaged me saying how funny they are and they're desperate to smell the candles I've bought, so I've got that whole influencer thing down.

candle - candles - haul - homeware - home

The Yankee Candles my brother bought for me a month or so ago when there was a massive sale on eBay. If I'm not mistaken, it was five large jars for £60, he kept three and let me choose two. I went with Pink Dragon Fruit as it is my all-time favourite, and Fireside Treats because it's up there with my faves. I always buy my Yankee Candles from eBay as they're much cheaper than the stores. 

Pink Dragon Fruit is so fruity, has hints of vanilla (anything with vanilla wins my heart) and gives tropical vibes. If you haven't smelled this candle, you have to do it. Fireside Treats is absolutely delicious; I almost want to lick the wax. It's toasted marshmallows over the fire, it's winter-time, it's yummy af. 

From DW Home at Homesense, I picked up Holiday Cheer and Frosted Leaves. Holiday Cheer is a fresh, subtle citrus scent that reminds me of a basket of winter fruits. It's a crisp fragrance that I would burn all year round. Frosted Leaves is a walk through the woods on an autumn day. It's woody but not earthy and overpowering, it's a very clean, refreshing aroma.

candle - candles - haul - homeware - home

From Sand and Fog, I picked up Holiday Berry which is a sharp blackberry with notes of vanilla. It almost smells like hot Ribena but better. I didn't really care what the candle with the gold sugar skull smelled like as I was in love with the jar but lucky for me, it was fab, and is vanilla and cedarwood. I'm usually put off by woody fragrances but the vanilla overpowers it in a good way.

Literally Obsessed and Hello Gorgeous not only come in beautiful jars with gold lids but they make my nose very happy. Literally Obsessed is Pomelo and Sea Salt, it's really fruity, tangy and reminds me of those mouthwatering sour sweets. Totally don't get sea salt or beach vibes but candles always have weird names, don't they? Hello Gorgeous is Nirvana Bourbon and I was positive this would smell like some sort of old man liquor my Pops would drink but it's a sweet, marshmallow scent with vanilla base notes. All. The. Noms.

The candles from Homesense ranged from £4.99 to £7.99, unfortunately I can't find links for most of them but if you have a store nearby I highly suggest popping in and going wild in the candle section.

What are your favourite candles? 


  1. There is no such thing as too many candles!! You should see my house...I even store candles in the downstairs toilet haha! I love the Pink Dragonfruit one as well and I too have the same feelings towards Fireside Treats - never wanted to eat a candle so much! Temptation Gifts is good for Yankee Candles too next time you want a splurge. X

    ~ ~

    1. It's true, although my bf might disagree lol x

  2. Oh my Gosh Holiday Berry and Hello Gorgeous sound incredible :-O.
    I will forever be a big fan of your candle descriptions...never stop! xx

  3. I bought an amazing one from the York Candle Company the other day called Roasted Marshmallow Campfire and i's honestly such a nice smell! To answer your question there definitely can't be enough candles!

    Abigail Alice x

  4. You have made me want to light all of my candles immediately! Lovely wintery post x

  5. Oh I love cancels. Can never have enough.


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