Monday, 30 July 2018

July Favourites

Lee Stafford Cactus Crush shampoo and conditioner, pink bottles. Cactus Crush dazzle drops, invisibobble and peach cream blusher on magazine with July calendar on tray in background with flowers in blush pink vase

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples

Similar to last month I have not worn a lot of makeup recently, it's way too bloody hot and I'm just not about to take the time to apply products for them to melt off. I did however wear some last week when I went up to Liverpool to watch Bianca Del Rio with my bestie and luckily I didn't look like my face was slipping off. Again, hair stuff has been my most commonly used items, so this post is heavily hair based.

Lee Stafford Cactus Crush Shampoo* | £7.99 | Boots |
Lee Stafford Cactus Crush Conditioner* | £7.99 | Boots |

I don't think I've tried a Lee Stafford product that I've disliked, he's like a hair wizard. And with that being said, bloody hell, I love this Cactus Crush line. It smells absolutely incredible and the scent lingers on the hair for days. If you're sensitive to fragrances just beware because although it is not overpowering, it does hang around. Personally, I like that, I like my hair smelling fresh and clean. Cactus Crush is an intensely hydrating line which adds moisture and leaves the hair feeling like silk. I almost expected my hair to turn greasy quite quickly because of how hydrating it is but it hasn't at all, it's lasted upwards of five days (chronic life problems means I don't get my hair washed too often as it's exhausting/painful).

My only criticism of these products is that because the conditioner is so thick, I can barely squeeze the product out. I have problems with my hands, my strength is awful and I can't get the product out without help. Luckily my bf washes my hair so it isn't too much of an issue but keep that in mind if you have similar problems with your hands.

Other than that, I absolutely love these two products and will no doubt continue to repurchase them.

Lee Stafford Cactus Crush Dazzle Drops* | £8.49 | Boots |

These drops smell amazing like the shampoo and conditioner, and are like a hydrating serum booster for dry hair. They can be applied on wet or dry hair and are great for livening up dead looking locks. I like applying them to the ends of my dry hair to smooth out any fly-aways. Definitely recommend if you want soft, shiny hair...and I mean, who doesn't?

Close up Lee Stafford Cactus Crush shampoo and conditioner, pink bottles. Cactus Crush dazzle drops, invisibobble and peach cream blusher on magazine with July calendar on tray in background with flowers in blush pink vase

Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint - Poppy* | £24.50 | Beauty Mart |

I love a cream blush and this vegan and cruelty-free one from Jillian Dempsey is rivalling my fave blushers from Bobbi Brown. I apply it with my fingers and it melts into the cheeks effortlessly. It's really long-wearing and lasted through my sweaty day in Liverpool and watching a show in the evening; usually my blusher is the first to disappear but this stayed strong. Lately, I've been wearing it as a cheek and lip tint to give some colour to my pale face and I love it. Poppy is such a pretty shade for fair skin, too, it's an orange tone that complements my skin and isn't too warm or overpowering. I also have Petal which I love, and is more of a neutral pink, but I've reached for Poppy a lot more.

Boots No Snags No Kinks Clear 3s | £3.50 | Boots |

I can't wear my hair up in a ponytail or a bun on the top of my head as I'd get a migraine in 0.56 seconds but I have found a way to tie it back, so it's not on my neck (the back of neck sweat in this heat is no joke) in a not-so-pretty up-do. I wasn't really arsed about the 'no kinks' thing as I loop my hair so it was bound to have kinks in it anyway, but I had been intrigued by the Invisibobble and not willing to pay six quid, so got these instead. They hold my hair perfectly, there's never any snags and it's comfortable. The style (I use that term very loosely) I wear it in also gives me gorgeous beachy waves when I take it down, so that's always a bonus. I can't attest to the lack of kinkiness but I definitely intend on buying some more as I know for a fact I'll have lost all three of these soon.

What were you loving in July?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samplesall reviews are my honest, unbiased opinion

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  1. I'm a massive fan of Lee Stafford products, they saved my hair. I used to hair growth shampoo and conditioner and they were amazing. Also, the smell is always incredible with these products x
    Amber |


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