Monday, 16 September 2019

Meet Our New Addition: George the Cockapoo

My darling little Teddy bear has a baby brother; say 'hello' to our gorgeous, George. 

George is currently 14 weeks old (we brought him home when he was 8 weeks), he's an F1 chocolate and white parti Cockapoo. He was born on the 10th June 2019 and we got him from the wonderful guys over at Lawford Doodles. Little G is one of five boys, and he's such a sweetheart. We met him when he was six weeks old; we had the pick of the whole litter and he stood out to us because he was super loving, confident and playful. The other pups were adorable but there was something about Georgie, and he chose us, much like Teddy did. 

Ian named George after his mum, Georgina, who died when he was younger. He agreed to get another dog only if he could name it, and as we're not having children, I thought it was a lovely idea. Plus, the name suits him perfectly!

George has been living with us for six weeks and already we couldn't imagine our lives without him. He's such a confident little guy and super mischievous. Believe it or not, we've not had one sleepless night with George. He was happy on his bed in the kitchen from night one. In fact, the first night he was home, he was so tired that he took himself off to bed and we didn't hear a peep from him until 7am the next morning. Ian and I thought it was a fluke but he's been an excellent sleeper from the very beginning; the absolute opposite of his big brother, Ted. He is such a good little pup for sleeping and being left alone. We have a puppy cam to spy on him when we're out and he's often sleeping or playing with his toys, not bothered that we're not there. I can't even begin to tell you how amazed we were and still are at his confidence. 

By nine weeks old, George had a list of commands under his belt and is such a good listener. He is so eager to please and loves being fussed when he gets something right. We had only had him for a week and he could (and still can, of course), 'sit', 'down', 'leave', 'paw', and 'come'. Teaching such a young pup to leave things he shouldn't touch has come in really handy, and his recall is incredible. It's absolutely adorable watching such a little dude proudly trot into the room after calling his name. He's a superstar.

He's also really good on the lead; he was eager to get out and loves meeting new people and other dogs. He's not fazed by the noise of traffic and listens really well.

Me and Ian learnt early on that our little chocolate pudding wasn't bothered by much; he's very happy to be groomed, he sits next to Ted every evening and I run the brush and comb through his fur with ease, he almost falls asleep when I'm combing his belly! I even trim the longer bits of fur by his nose that cover his eyes and he sits patiently whilst I do so. He had his first shower last week after running through poo in the garden and was absolutely fine during the washing and the drying. He doesn't care when he's having his nails trimmed and happily sits and gives me his paw. He's just such a chilled little guy and we adore him.

He's settled in so well and is a bundle of joy. He does, however, like to go paddling in his water bowl, so now that is left outside as he soaked the kitchen quite a few times!

Everyone that meets him falls in love as he's such an adorable pup, with his beautiful markings and hazel eyes. He's definitely going to be bigger than Teddy, he was 5.2kg when he was weighed at 12 weeks and is a big guy for his breed.

Georgie and Teddy get on really well together, if they're not playing together, they're sleeping near each other. If one of them is in a particular room, the other wants to be there. George follows Teddy everywhere and it's super cute, but Ted doesn't take any shit and let's George know if he's doing something he shouldn't; e.g. if George is chewing a cushion, Teddy will try to pull him away, or if George goes to nip me, Ted will get to me first to protect me. G has definitely learnt a lot from Teddy and you can tell how much they love each other...even if Ted would prefer his head not to be jumped on when he's having a nap.

We've been keen to separate them a few times a day so George can bond with all three of us and Teddy isn't left out. They both get equal amounts of attention from me and Ian, and I'm more than positive Ted is happy to have a companion.

I mean, look at them, they're bloody adorable! George has his own Instagram account that you can follow here; definitely check that out for cute pupdates.

I am totally in love with my puppers and our family is definitely complete with our new member, George. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more doggo content in the future.

Devoted dog mum and proud!


  1. Ahhh George is adorable! I'm sure Teddy loves having a brother to play with.
    Something I found adorable when we got a new puppy was that the puppy copies our older dog so it was easier to train her.
    Cora |

  2. hello George - he is a beautiful boy (as is Teddy). My cockapoo, Bunny is 12 now - still acts like a puppy - I don’t think they know how to grow up.

    thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics - they have made my day : )

    Emily x


    love them - wish I had a dog. George sounds so well-behaved and very clever dog :)

    thanks for sharing - please share more pics!


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